Have questions about your career path or business?  Have relationship issues or wanting to connect with a loved one that has passed?


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What My Clients Are Saying


My experience with Meilena has definitely been amazing. I have spoken to her a number of times and she has impressed me each and everytime with her accuracy. Meilena can pick up the smallest details which is outstanding! I trust her wholeheartedly! She is a very genuine honest psychic.. You will not be left disappointed! Thank you for everything I am definitely a client for life!


Out of 3 I have spoke with; Medium Meilena is the most profound and genuine experience I have had. I have been able to break free of a lot of darkness because of her, and that is priceless. Such a blessing she is.

Courtni Hurd

Meliena did some incredibly powerful long distance energy work and healing that was very effective for my fiance who was very sick. He was in and out of the hospital for all of last year with two serious conditions. Things did not turn around until she started her energy work. He has been doing very well since her work. She’s very helpful positive and her long distance scans are so accurate

Michelle Glass

Thank you so much for  your wonderful advice, I find your reading 100% accurate, very detailed and with very good advice to guide me.  I have been going through a lot of sadness and confusion and your reading is really helping me and giving me hope things will be ok, thank you so much, I hope I will get the chance to get more readings with you in the future. You are a very talented reader and I wish you all the best.




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Have questions about your career path or business?  Want to know if you are on the right path?

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Want to know who your spirit guides are and how they support you on your path to purpose?


Need help with ailments, blockages, past life regressions impacting you now or karmic band healing?


Feel imbalanced or like you are blocked sometimes?  Recovering from trauma or going through healing?


Want to see if your loved ones that have passed on are around you and have messages for you?


Have questions about relationships, marriage or what is to come into your love life?

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