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Can a psychic/medium have visions about themselves?

Absolutely! When we tune into our own intuition we essentially are being guided towards our next steps in life. We are trained in our sleep and even given specific visions of tasks or parts of our purpose. These ideas and visions happen literally out of nowhere, but...

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What type of booking software should I use as a Psychic?

I am an online Psychic Medium.  I don't use the phone at all for my readings.  I simply read energy and Spirits.  There are no limits to location.  I work with clients all over the world to set up chat appointments with them.  When I first got started I had to work...

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How to Choose a Psychic That’s Best For You

I remember back when I had my very first reading with a Psychic. I was around 19 years old. I had a dream about seeing a Psychic, I saw her perfectly. She had long light brown hair and was a heavier woman, with shorter bangs around her face and light eyes. She was...

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Everything Happens For A Reason: Spiritual Catalysts

There are two ways you can choose to live your life.  You can either live life blindly and not pay attention to anything going on around you or you can live your life and look at each occurrence as having a spiritual meaning or message.  Spiritual meanings I like to...

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