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I believe everyone has an intuition some of us just operate on different levels and have different purposes for using our gifts. My soul purpose is to help you get through life’s speed bumps and begin coasting fluidly on your path.  My goal is to help you see clearly and to understand the different spiritual lessons that occur.  If you have confusion and need clarity on an issue, get accurate answers now.   If you need career advice, life purpose, relationship advice or if you want to connect with a loved one that has passed, book your online psychic reading now.

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Relationships: Self-Renovation

Life altering changes in early stages of our lives can stay with us and have impact on our choices and decisions. After all our experiences are what makes us the people that we are today. We might have empathy for someone suffering abuse, being overweight, quitting an addiction, or overcoming an unhealthy relationship or family because of our own personal associations. Some of our life experiences were tragic or demeaning to our character and had impact on our view of ourselves.

Relationship Patterns: Only the Faces Change

Are you seeing reoccurring patterns in your relationships with others? Are you noticing that you are encountering similar issues with even different people? If you answered yes to either one of these questions then chances are you have a relationship pattern. A relationship pattern is when we seek the same characteristics in a relationship over and over. We may wonder why our relationships fail time after time when the people we choose are in fact different. The reason they fail is because we keep assuming the same role and seeking the same characteristics in a person that will play along with us.

Rebuilding Trust

When we are recovering from unhealthy relationships we start to realize that we missed out on a lot of experiences that healthy relationships have. One major characteristic is trust. Trust is such a hard trait to establish in any relationship and even more so if our idea of trust was damaged from prior relationships. We carry with us a fear of trusting someone we are close to because we are afraid of that trust being broken again.

Taking Ownership of What You Become

We often make excuses for our behaviors as if someone else was responsible for the choices we ourselves made. Somehow perhaps we find comfort by placing blame on others for our own ill ways, when in reality, there is no one to blame, but yourself.

You can choose to struggle in life or you can choose to live. The choice is up to you. If you think for one moment that having someone in your life will allow you to become responsible for your actions and choices in life, think again. If you want perfection, then you have to become it. If you want that “perfect” mate then you have to “perfect” yourself. You have to brush off the dirt and allow yourself the purity to know who you are, before you invite someone else in.

When We Make the Right Decisions for Ourselves

It is amazing how much our own choices and free will can determine our quality of life. Everyone has a path in which they can follow; however there are many different forks in the road that can allow us to become sidetracked from our true destination. It is our own free will to travel these courses and our own choice to participate in whatever these paths have in store for us.

We may stray from our course from time to time, but if we are fortunate, we will recognize what feels right to us and what does not. Sometimes the line that separates the two can be difficult to determine when we are in a clouded state of mind. However, once that cloudiness clears, we are then able to feel a specific pull towards a positive decision, one not made out of will, but rather out of instinct. This is a very empowering moment of discovery because our awareness is aligned with our purpose.

No Hurt No More, No Love No Less

Some people feel that they can prevent themselves from any form of hurt. They insist that is this is the way that they must live in order to live happily. That may sound like a noble way of life, but you must think, if we block all of our ‘hurt,’ what else do we block? The answer is, we block ourselves from love.

People become so concerned with protecting themselves from hurt that they try to prevent people from loving and caring for them. They try to stop themselves from being close to others because that might leave them feeling vulnerable to hurt. So what happens is initially they may allow themselves to feel love or have emotions for someone but then when they feel the person becomes too close, they shut their emotions off.

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