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I believe everyone has an intuition some of us just operate on different levels and have different purposes for using our gifts. My soul purpose is to help you get through life’s speed bumps and begin coasting fluidly on your path.  My goal is to help you see clearly and to understand the different spiritual lessons that occur.  If you have confusion and need clarity on an issue, get accurate answers now.   If you need career advice, life purpose, relationship advice or if you want to connect with a loved one that has passed, book your online psychic reading now.

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Love Doesn’t Fail, People Do

It is not love itself that fails, it is the people involved in the love. Love in itself is perfect, however the people who fall in love are not. So it is only natural for imperfections to exist, but let us not blame love nor fear it’s existence.

Our experiences with love are always different. There is the type of love we have for our family. There is the type of love we hold for friendships and then there is the type of love we hold for our life partners. All these forms of love touch us on many levels and because we are involved with different people, we have different experiences with each one. If we can accept this concept and we can come to agreement with ourselves that all occurrences of love are different, then how could we possibly blame one experience for the other? We can’t.


A lot of people think that there is one and only one person out there in this physical world that they can call as their soulmate. However, that is not always true. In fact, we may prohibit our own growth by leaving such a constraint on ourselves.

Let us first define the meaning or definition of a soulmate. A soulmate is a half of the whole. A soulmate represents completeness and balance. One will commonly be overwhelmed or taken back by the emotions they encounter when they meet or are reunited. They will feel as if though they know one another. They feel as though they are ‘home.’

Love’s Resolution

There are many times and points in our lives when we will experience an indifference with the ones we love. It would only be natural to want to turn the other cheek and move on, after all that might seem like the easiest solution at the time. The challenge however for true companions is to cut through the confusion and remember your initial intentions with one another, to love. Too much time is wasted in the perils of arguments and disagreements. If you can remind one another of the love you share, you can work through the thickness of confusion.

Do Not Fear Being Alone

One reason why so many people in this world continue to stay in unhealthy relationships is because they are afraid of being alone. They would rather be with someone that mistreated them or caused them discomfort than to be by themselves. So instead of perhaps waiting for the right person to come along, they grab hold of the person that is available right now. They might overlook some defect of character to simply fulfill their need for company. This can create a monotonous life pattern for the individual involved.

The Release

Some people choose to live life differently from that of ourselves. This goes for children, adults, and people in general. Sometimes this doesn’t always leave a lot of room for compromise especially if it is a loved one that chooses a different path. Like every path, it is composed of choice, both positive and negative. Some people choose to live honest good lives and some people choose to be self destructive and confined to their own self will. Regardless, it is their choice and their decision to live the way they want.

People We Never Will Forget

There are special people that walk in and out of our lives, but leave their footprints behind for us to remember. And what is interesting is that even though distance or years may separate you, you never forget their presence or the memories you shared together.

I’ve met a lot of people throughout my life, many associates, but true friendships and relationships were always a rarity. The older I become, the more I appreciate and reflect on the impact those relationships had on my life at particular times.

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