I’ve had several readings with Meilena and each time I’m left wanting more. I generally think of Meilena whenever there’s something I need clarity on, and she’s always able to deliver just the message I need. Extremely intuitive and personable, I plan to continue to leverage her amazing abilities for years to come! Thank you Meilena!

Jami from California

Meliena did some incredibly powerful long distance energy work and healing that was very effective for my fiance who was very sick. He was in and out of the hospital for all of last year with two serious conditions. Things did not turn around until she started her energy work. He has been doing very well since her work. She’s very helpful positive and her long distance scans are so accurate

Michelle Glass

Out of 3 I have spoke with; Medium Meilena is the most profound and genuine experience I have had. I have been able to break free of a lot of darkness because of her, and that is priceless. Such a blessing she is.

Courtni Hurd

A little while ago Meilena performed a reading for me about some struggles I was facing in my work and personal life. Not only was the reading deeply comforting, her predictions have already started to manifest in my life. It was just what I needed, and I’d recommend her without hesitation.

Camronn H. from California

Over numerous readings, Meilena has always been kind, compassionate, intuitive, and so on target. She is my go-to for matters of love, relationships, health, and, work. If anything else comes up, I would go to her for that also. She tunes right in and always gives me a very fulfilling reading, not only about facts and feelings, but when I’m done, I feel confident about my situation, the next steps and goals. She always shares with love and care. Her healings are always helpful, too. Meilena is the best!

Sheryl from Oregon

Thank you so much for  your wonderful advice, I find your reading 100% accurate, very detailed and with very good advice to guide me with what I’m facing with my significant other’s mother, I have been going through a lot of sadness and confusion and your reading is really helping me and giving me hope things will be ok, thank you so much, I hope I will get the chance to get more readings with you in the future. You are a very talented reader and I wish you all the best.

Paula from the United States

Meliena’s reading resonated in a most affirming way. She offers insight that illuminates challenges, relationships and opportunities. Such a beautiful thing to receive.

Lauren from California

She was definitely telling me the truth. There are readers who are tactful with what they say because in doing so will create a vibe that keeps clients coming back and paying $$$. Not her. She gives it to you plain and simple. Every detail she said was true I can sleep now, it hurts but you saved my life before I even knew it. Truly outstanding! Guys allow her to read for you.


I could not believe how accurate Meilena was at my past and present situations and feeling. Meilena’s reading about my future put me on track to make the changes that I was wondering if I was suppose to make. The reading was awesome, thanks Meilena.  Again I have got to say that your reading for me was so true and helped me put my future on track. I will be a repeat customer.

Pam from Kentucky

Amazing woman….absolutely incredible …everything she predicted in my life was correct …I did not give any clues ..and came up with scenarios that actually was happening ….quick and direct with answers…compassionate ..no sugar coating …fantastic advice …and look forward to her predictions coming to pass…WONDERFUL WONDERFUL…HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED..wl b bk..thank u so much

Ronald from the UK

Meilena’s intuitive sense of the question I had and the layers of obstacles she brought up provided me with much needed clarity. The way she broke up the reading provided feedback from several angles addressing both long and short term issues. I appreciate the finely tuned reminders of the resources that are available to help me on the way. I already knew I was on my way to something, but having Meilena come along and point out the paths I can take and the places to get support was an enormous help in a very confusing time!

Jodilyn from Washington

An absolutely astounding reader – I really enjoyed her insights and she’s extremely thorough. I highly recommend her to everyone! I will be returning to her in the future.

Jay from New York

My experience with Meilena has definitely been amazing. I have spoken to her a number of times and she has impressed me each and everytime with her accuracy. Meilena can pick up the smallest details which is outstanding! I trust her wholeheartedly! She is a very genuine honest psychic.. You will not be left disappointed! Thank you for everything I am definitely a client for life!


As Intuitive Psychics, we help others by guiding and directing them through choices. But who helps the helpers when  they need direction. I turn to Meilena. She is accurate, honest and caring. Her insights will give assurance and direction. Keep up the awesomeness, Meilena!

Michele from North Carolina

I just could not believe how on point Meilena was with my reading. Not only did the reading answer my question, but also shared light on a couple of situations that have been going on in my life.

Steve from Atlanta, GA

I was very pleased with my reading from Meilena. I have been feeling things that I’ve told no one and it came out in my reading! Very happy I gave it a chance and would do it again in the future. Thank you Meilena!!

Ashley from Kentucky

I was drawn by Mellena’s feedback. She is the real deal and hones in on the situation with no prompting whatsover. Doesn’t sugarcoat and read my mind completely. Try her as you will not be dissapointed.


Amazing reading! Gave me peace and guidance exactly what I needed, I’ll be back.

Anonymous in United States

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