Rev. Dr. Meilena Hauslendale, Ph.D.

Psychic Therapist, Medium, Healer, & Author

Helping you channel your full potential and find your path

My Story

I have been psychic ever since I was a child, but me, like many others out there, had to hide my gifts in fear of being looked at differently.  For me, the answers and visions of future or current events were as clear as seeing them happen with my own physical eyes.  In some cases, I didn’t realize there was a difference.  I quickly learned that not everyone sees in this way.

It was not until I was in adulthood that I would come out of my “psychic” closet and publicize my ability and start teaching others to not be afraid of there gifts as well.  We all have an internal compass, just some of us have the ability to tune in for others and guide them along their path.

My Values & Beliefs


I work with clients all around the globe and I help people regardless of their religious affiliation or denominations.  Your spirit guides will always align me with your beliefs.

Empowered and not disabled

My readings and sessions will always leave you feeling charged up and clear headed.  You will know the actions you can take and the energy potential that is available for you.

You are encouraged to embrace your higher self

I will remind you of your path and your purpose here. I will help you connect the dots and get clarity on your direction.

My Approach


When we do a reading together, I shoot straight from the hip.  I’m going to tell you exactly what I see and nothing else.  As soon as you ask me your first question, I start tuning in to the energy around you.  I know how important time is and how crucial it is for you to get the answers you need quickly. 

I’m compassionate, empathetic and non-judgmental.  I see your core and the full potential you do have.  I’m a personal advocate for your well-being and spiritual health.


Certifications & Awards


  • Certified Psychic Medium
    by ImagineSpirit Universal 
    Psychic Arts
  • Certified Akashic Records Reader
    by ImagineSpirit Universal 
    Psychic Arts
  • Certified Angel Reader
    by ImagineSpirit Universal 
    Psychic Arts
  • Certified Reiki Master
    Reiki Awakenings Academy
  • Ordained Reverend
    University of Metaphysics
  • Bachelor Degree in Metaphysics
    University of Metaphysics
  • Masters Degree in Metaphysics
    University of Metaphysics
  • Doctoral Degree in Philosophy, Specializing in Metaphysical Counseling
    University of Sedona
  • Best American Psychic (2014-2019)
    Double-tested and proven authentic


Featured Publications

Intuitive Wellness Training Series

  • Part 1 – What is an internal compass and how do I tune in?
  • Part 2 – How do I turn down the volume and stay grounded?
  • Part 3 – Coping with other’s energy

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