I get asked this question frequently as I think it can be the most beneficial question to ask.  Everyone has a purpose.  We are always placed in the right place at the right time even if we do not realize it at that exact moment.  Sometimes we are put into situations that we would never set out to involve ourselves in and then we find out later that had we not been at that location at that time, we would never have met the intended contacts that we made.  When we go with the flow instead of always trying to have our own way, we may find out that there is a path that opens up and guides us to exactly where we are supposed to be.

I live my life on intuition and instinct.  It has always taken me to different states and locations.  Each location always had a purpose.  Had I not stepped out of my hometown and embarked on this journey I would have never grown into the woman I am now.  I would have never accomplished what I was intended to or established the life I have nor would I have helped the people I was intended to.  We have jobs to do here.    There’s the “job” you have to earn money and punch a time clock and then there is the job you have to do in life.  Some people numb their intuitions with outside chaos and even substances to avoid their intuitive responsibilities.  This can lead to depression and feeling unfulfilled in life.

I think our first responsibility in life is to remove the obstacles that stand in between you and your intuition.  If you feel “cloudy” or feel as though you are lacking clarity right now to even hear your intuition then this could be caused by life obstacles.  You have to ask yourself the following:

1.  Do I participate in unnecessary drama involving other people?
2.  Do I use substances or have addictions that alter my capacity to listen to my intuition?
3.  Do I overwork myself to the point of exhaustion?
4.  Do I carry baggage from my past that interferes with my present and future?

Once you have the obstacles removed, you can then take time to sit down and listen to your intuition.  If you have to start with just 5 or 10 minutes of meditation, then this is fine.  You can increase your time as you feel it is needed.  Just so you take time to sit with yourself and find some organization with your own thoughts.  Visualize where you see yourself going.  Learn to listen to yourself and trust what your gut instincts are telling you.  You might discover that you need to make a change.

You might learn something new about yourself or see yourself in a different way.  Take time to explore who you are and your path will open up or be uncovered.  It’s moments when we don’t feel as though we are on our path that we need to stop and listen.