What do psychic readers do?

This depends on the type of psychic that you are going to. If you are going to a tarot reader, they will read your cards about a particular issue or question you have. If you go to a medium you may receive both psychic messages and messages from loved ones. It all depends on the psychic that you go to and what you are looking for in a reading.

Some psychics work with cards, some with crystals, and some just can read you clairvoyantly and tell you what they see around your aura. It’s good to research your reader before beginning a reading to see how they retrieve information.

For me I started out as a card reader when I was 13, but that was because I hid my abilities behind the “cards.” The most powerful information is what comes to me clairvoyantly. I can see the pictures of what is coming or what was in the past as if I was watching quick clips of movies. However, when I was younger, it was easier for people to accept the information I was receiving if I had cards in front of them. Not everyone wants to accept information from you and reading people can be a very vulnerable experience.

As a reader it took years for me to really come out of my closet and work with people that actually want a reading and want that spiritual growth. When I was younger I would work with people that I was around, like family members or friends, none of which necessarily believe in these abilities.

My natural style now is to read people’s energy over the phone or chat. This way I am assured I am not physically seeing their body language and I am only relying on the energy I see clairvoyantly.

As a reader, I see in a person what they may not see in themselves. For someone that is spiritually evolved, I will see and help validate what that person sees but may be afraid to take action on. The more I read for someone, the easier it is to retrieve information for them. I may get symbols, keywords, or see a whole scene of events. If a client is asking about a medical issue, I may physically feel sensations or be alerted to certain parts of the body that are isolated or darkened. This might alert me on a prior health issue with a client or a current issue.

I encourage everyone to read up on a reader, read over reviews, and read over their style of reading. Then pay attention to just their overall energy, how do they “feel” to you just by looking at them? Do you feel comfortable? Do you feel drawn to this person? Invest in a reading with them to get an initial feel for their style and then once you found a reader that resonates with you and feels “right” prepare a list of questions you want to ask them and have a reading.

Keep in mind depending on the psychic or medium, information should come in quickly when it comes. I don’t feel it is necessary to invest in an hour with a reader just to see if they resonate with you. I would start out with a 10–15 minute session or if you are trying someone out on a hotline, try them for at least 5 minutes to get a feel for how they work. Do they connect quickly to your issue? Are they giving you information right away or asking questions? Try to know what you are looking for personally in a reading before you seek it. This will help a reader focus in quickly and do what they do best.

Readers are here to help you see situations around you in a clearer perspective and provide you with hindsight of what is available to you in the future.

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How can we scientifically differentiate between authentic psychic ability and mental illness?

The way we can determine the difference between the two is one has validation and one does not.

When we are talking about future predictions or visions, this is always an ever changing process as it is based on free will of all parties involved. If you choose to change your path or fall off course, the energy of your future changes along with this.

The best way to prove a psychic’s authenticity is to have them validate something you are already aware of. Ask about past relationships or events only you know, because you can verify these occurrences as real and true to you.

This being said, when a medium hears someone speaking to them through clairaudience, the validation comes from proving the information to be true and following it up with fact. With a mental illness, often the voices that are heard in one’s head could be spirits taking over the person’s body, stepping into them or it could be hallucination based on a pre-existing mental illness.

With mental illness the information provided through the person cannot be validated or proven to be authentic. I’m quite sure there are cases where both instances can reside within an individual, both psychic and mental illness, but I do not have proven documentation on this.

People with mental illness can be subject to spirit takeover because they are vulnerable and not in control of their own mental state. Whether this is a medically induced mind/body disconnect, addiction, or brain malformation, the body and spirit are disconnected and vulnerable to displacement.

When I started to accept my own abilities it was because the validation was present. When you begin receiving information that you are not knowledgeable of, or speaking about active events you were not present for, this is validation. When you can have a 3rd party validate what you are seeing that becomes validation as well. There is a saying among mediums, “trust what you receive,” but I like taking that a step further, “trust what you receive, but make sure you have someone validate it.”

With our society today, we still view psychics, mediums, healers as fraudulent. And yes like all professions, you will have authentic readers and non-authentic. Mental illness unfortunately is more acceptable than our own intuition.

If I was to reach out to a medical professional and tell them that I hear voices or see things that are not present, it would sound like I was in fact mentally unstable. I still to this day have trouble saying the word “psychic” because it is too close to the word “psychotic.” I have had enough validation to know that what I see is real and just a different way of receiving information about the world around me, both spirit and physical beings.

So for anyone that may be afraid to admit they see things because of this, I encourage you to find your own truth. Talk to other people that have these abilities. Join interest groups and talk about what you see and how information comes to you.

And if you want to read actual links between science and psychic abilities and ESP, please refer to the research performed by Russell Targ in The Reality of ESP: A Physicist’s Proof of Psychic Abilities.

Can I ever use my psychic abilities on demand to read minds and tell fortunes?

As a medium, yes I can use my skills on demand, but there is one ethical question you have to ask yourself, does this person want your input? Not everyone you encounter will want you to read them. Think about it, it’s like snooping around an aura that is not yours. I will also mention how exhausting that it is to turn on and read everyone that you encounter or pass as you make yourself accessible to their energy.

If this is a path you feel drawn to pursue than do it with tact and with great responsibility. Develop your skills, practice them with great integrity and with willing participants. There are plenty of free reading sites that take on new readers to hone in their abilities so you don’t have to invade a stranger’s privacy.

This being said, we get intuitive flashes around people we encounter for a reason. Perhaps we are being warned of danger and the message is more for us than it is for them. Meaning your intuition is there to guide you toward life decisions that help you excel and benefit the higher good. When we encounter a situation that is not for our benefit, we can start to feel nervous or uneasy. This is a warning to you, to look for another solution, or to wait before making a decision.


If you are wanting to read for others, understand the spiritual responsibility before you get involved. You will be influencing the direction of another human being’s life. Make sure you test your skills enough to become confident in the information you are providing. Be your own skeptic. Validate your answers after a test reading is performed. Were you able to demonstrate accurate information on the past situations of your client’s life? Did they come back to you and let you know that you were right with what you were seeing? The greatest reward as a medium or a psychic is when a client returns and tells you that what you told them was spot on.

Before I started doing readings professionally, I tested myself everywhere. I did over a couple 100 free readings before I started doing this as a profession. I have read for people all my life, but I didn’t acknowledge this as an actual ability until I was older. So I put my skills to the test because I wanted to know how information came to me, what my style was before I dedicated myself to this path. I strongly encourage anyone that wants to develop their abilities to do the same thing. Be responsible, ethical, and practice before you work publicly with others.

Has a medium ever saved a life with a message from another source?

In my experience as a medium, spirits and guides are not gloom and doom tellers, unless there is something that is supposed to be relayed to someone and prevented.I have had this come up in a few reading but it is rare. When I start reading for someone over a long period of time, their guides get very comfortable with relaying different messages my seeker should know.

I was working with a client in law enforcement and the one day they had asked me if they should get a motorcycle and make an investment. As soon as they told me of this, I was immediately shown an accident and a particular crossroads which I saw landmarks around. The accident was not my client’s fault but they were hit on the side and thrown from their motorcycle. I described all of the details to my client and the particular crossroads resonated with them and was a common road they took daily.

After the reading, they decided to hold off on buying a motorcycle. About 6 months later, they came back to me and told me they were in an accident at this crossroads, but because they were driving a car and not a motorcycle they survived with minor injuries. The client never came back to me after this because the reading disturbed them, and understandingly so.

I had another vision that came through a dream about my mother-in-law that was over 2,400 miles away from me. I was shown them driving their car and having a caravan come into their lane and hit them head on. I was able to describe the country road to them, the time of day, and how this occurred. Here she had been taking a short cut to get home from work on this two-lane road. Because of the information I had told them they were being cautious and alert of other drivers. Days later they were on that road and a caravan drove into their lane. They were able to pull over off to the side of the road before they could be hit.

I’ve also had other cases personally when my guides have told me to not go on a certain trip and the car I would have been sitting in was hit and had two fatalities. When there is an occurrence that is life threatening and supposed to be prevented, spirits and guides will go out of their way to deliver their message. The message can come through a dream, other people, or signs. If you are supposed to receive the message you will.

I do want to state that I conduct distance readings only and not in-person readings which I prefer. The reason for this, is I am only merely reading your energy and whatever is shown to me clairvoyantly via your guides or spirits. I’m not reading body language or asking questions. A reading is just the sitter asking me a question without telling me any details at all and me reading the energy on the issue.

If a reader is telling you that you are cursed or their is a negative energy inflicting you and you need to pay for further treatment, please be mindful of this and trust your instincts. If something doesn’t feel right to you or if your reading feels “scary” then you have the power to stop it right away and seek another’s counsel. As a rule of thumb, you should always feel empowered during your readings and not disabled.

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Did being a vegan contribute to increasing your psychic ability?

There are many psychics and mediums that sustain a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle to help assist them with their intuitive gifts, however I don’t feel this is a requirement. As a spiritual medium and healer what I sense that my body needs intuitively is more important. There are times when I feel I need to restrict myself and only have a vegetarian diet but then there are other weeks that I sense my body needs help grounding itself and therefore I will choose to eat healthy meats, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

As a lightworker, we have one hand in the heavens and our feet still on the ground. What this means is that although we are communicating with spirit, or our own intuition, we still need the ability to be grounded and communicate these messages to those in the physical world. This can often be a challenge for lightworkers that feel more comfortable with staying in the spiritual realm v/s staying on the earthly plane. Our goal and example of maintaining a balance within ourselves is what we can strive to show to others.

Eating high vibration foods allow us to operate and sustain our energy so that we in return have the energy to use for psychic abilities. High vibration foods mean a healthy balance between either vegetarian or meat protein sources, fruits, vegetable, and whole grains. The closer to the source of truth, the stronger the vibration. The less processing the food has undergone, the stronger the vibration. Buy food that feels and looks good to you. Use your intuition to feel the energy a food gives off to help you identify what your body needs.

I have no problem not buying a particular item because it does not feel right to me. It might even be something that is technically healthy but I don’t like the energy it gives off, so I trust that and put it back on the shelf. Everything has an aura to it, and when you are training yourself to read and see the aura of an item you can tell if an item is radiating or if it looks weak and broken. When we eat food that we identify as a high vibration it in turn helps us sustain our own vibration and the result can mean an increased potential for psychic abilities.

So this being said, it’s not a particular type of diet that helps us elevate or improve our psychic abilities, it is the vibration of the foods we eat. If being a vegetarian allows you to mentally be more accountable for the food you place in your body, than stick with it. However, if you start to feel depleted, low energy, and drained, than I would look into adding either fish or different meat sources. I would also advise to purchase organic or kosher meat whenever possible so that you know the source or the energy of the source that it comes from. This energy can carry over into your body even though it is no longer in it’s living state.

Everyone is different and we all have different dietary needs and discretions that make us who we are. What makes one person feel optimal may make another feel disabled. Trust your own intuition and experiment with eating behaviors and your abilities to see what helps you stay spiritual while still being physically present in your body.