Intuitive Business Consultant

I work with startup companies, financial institutions, and Enterprise CEOs to help confirm business trajectories and roadmaps.

Spiritual & Intuitive Coaching

Ask me about relationships, work, life purpose,
past life and future projections.  Don’t be surprised
if your loved ones that have passed show up too.

Reiki Healing & Chakra Balancing

I perform chakra balances and reiki distance healings. I work with relationship karmic bonds, space, and spiritual cleansings.

I see energy.  I read energy. No face-to-face.  Just ask me a question and I will tell you what I see.

I am a clairvoyant medium.  I can see and read the energy around a situation.

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What people are saying

Meilena, Meilena, Meilena......

Meilena is an AMAZING individual and psychic! To be honest amazing does not even touch on the type of person Meilena is! Everytime I speak with her she gives me nothing but truth. EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING that she saw in-store for me has come to pass. I'm looking forward to exploring and experiencing this things that are to come for me and my family. Meilena I thank you and God bless you and your gifts!!

Meilena has a special gift and connects

Meilena has a special gift to care and connect with you and spirit guidance ~ She meets you and see the truth of any given situation. Her insight, advice, and clarity are by far the best I’ve had I have experienced healers and psychic folks for over 25 years and have a keen sense of folks . She is awesome when in need of sounding board for clarity and to see anything else to look for , always has alot to offer . Meilena is by far the best. ~ spot on ~ She has the ability to send healing energy when needed and it is so very clear and supportive, which helped to stabilize me to be able to relax and hold a new outlook and calmness. She is a a great healer, psychic therapist and brings safety and calm to any situation . I Trust her insights completely.

i crossed paths with meilena......

I crossed paths with Meilena couple months ago and I realized after talking to so many people who claim to have psychic abilities that Meilena is truly gifted. She only asked my name and started talking about my life like she has been a witness to that. Not only that but everything she said would happen it did happen 100%. I was so mind blown that I cried as everything was unfolding so I kept in touch with her. She has been my only go to person since then because everything she says has happened as she said it would. She is professional and caring and understanding. Meilena is a gift and has a real gift. She is rare and unique and I am so thankful to share this review because people need to know about her and her gifts.

high voltage connection to the other side

Some times you just need a wee bit of validation that you’re on the right track. Other times you need a bright light shined on your journey. Meilena has the accuracy and precision to provide validation; and she has the high voltage connection to the other side to provide illumination and guidance for the dark patches. If you are lucky enough to get a reading with her, you will treasure it, as I do.

Let me help

If you ever feel like you are going in circles or encountering similar life situations over and  over, let me help you connect the dots and uncover the lesson. 

Achieve success

See results quickly,
feel empowered instead of disabled

Maximize efficiency

Spend time on what matters,
so you can see the most results


See the “big picture”

Get visibility on what is taking shape,
see the overall potential of your goal

Understand purpose

Know your role and intent,
keep aligned with your why

Intuitive Development

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How do I identify a true psychic?

How do I identify a true psychic?

I highly suggest to do a phone reading or chat reading to test out a reader’s ability without them physically seeing you. We don’t do lottery numbers, the Universe keeps us humble on purpose. So don’t ask things like lottery numbers or gambling bets. Ask questions...

I believe that we all have an intuition...

some of us have the ability to tune in for others, and some of us can only tune into ourselves.  I can help you turn on this ability and start to bring your spiritual vision and use it on the physical plane.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn what to expect and how this works

Are readings over phone or chat?

I do readings over chat. Some of my gifts are having clairvoyance and clairaudience so when I start to do a reading for you the information just comes to me through my Spirit Guides, Angels, or your loved ones that have passed on.

what is free will and how does that impact my reading?

When I do your reading I am working with the present actions. You always have the option of making changes if you do not like the outcome. You will always have free will. I am here to empower you with information not disable you. I will always present the potential as I see based on your current actions in your life. As you change you can get reading updates to see what changes are occurring and see the changes in direction.

do you need to know my real name?

I prefer to know very little about you at all when doing a reading. I do not want to know your full name nor do I need your full name or the person you are discussing to read the situation. I read your energy and the energy of the situation.

how can i be assured an accurate reading?

Ask a question that is really on your mind. Sometimes someone can ask a question but actually have another situation on their mind that is more prominent. Your spiritual guides will know this and help me deliver a message that will allow you to clear this obstacle. Sometimes I see symbols that help me piece together a story of your life. I can feel the emotions involved and see some of the confusion. Being a clairvoyant means I can see your story with clear sight which will help you discover the paths you may have not seen before and understand why it’s happening and the reason behind it. My readings are very compassionate and non abrasive and focus solely on helping you transition into new phases of your life. It is important to know that how you act and what changes you make can indicate the outcome. You can change the path if you change the behavior. A reading is intended for you to receive insight and messages that will help you recognize the future as it is currently and what you can do to make modifications or react to life changes.

Are your conversations private?

Yes they are. Your reading is never shared with anyone. You will be sent a transcript of the reading or be able to retrieve a transcript in your instant chat. Your information is never shared with anyone at any time. This information is only for you and whomever you choose to share it with.

Are healings included with my reading?

Yes, they are!  If I feel you need balanced or grounded before I can even read you, I might do this as well.  All chakra balances, karmic band healings, and clearings are included with your reading with me.

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