Photographer:  Valdormar Hauslendale

The way I do readings is I do not do anything in person. I only do phone, I only do chats. I do this for a specific reason. I can’t make any judgments by appearance because a client is not physically in front of me. I am merely reading their energy and getting messages as soon as they start to ask me a question. So when a psychic, healer, or medium comes to me, they do not tell me what they are but their Spirit Guides will highlight a feature that will symbolize to me their gifts.

If they are a medium, they will show me the person receiving messages and from there I will convey to my client what I see. I might even see tarot cards or see that they are working more with an angelic realm. Their guides might even show me a special sign that they had given them to validate their path. I’ve seen this particularly with healers and shamans. From that point I will receive specific messages of their potential development that help validate what they are being shown.

So is it easier to read for psychics versus other general clients? Yes and no. If someone does not want you to read them but they come for a reading, they can be blocking or shielding themselves. When I see a person’s energy like this, I immediately feel and see their aura constrict. This makes it more challenging to read them. So when a person is open to a reading, that is what makes it easier to read them. I don’t feel it matters so much as whether they are psychic or not.

If someone is willing to learn about different parts of themselves, then they are opening up their energy to be read. Their chakras are more open as well, so you can see the different layers or highlights that should be focused on during a reading.

When I read for lightworkers their Spirit Guides are generally the ones I work with and they can be very loud and colorful during a reading. So you can have more spiritual helpers present when reading for psychics, mediums, or healers. When this happens information comes in very quickly as opposed to someone else that might be experiencing blocks.



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