The answer to this is very simple, yes they can!  Whenever I do a Spirit Communication reading or I even have a Loved One come in during a general reading, it is amazing how I know that they speak a different language but I can still understand what they are telling me to tell my client.  They may even give specific names that I can sound out to the client and the client will know exactly what they mean or are referring to.

I was doing a reading the other day for a client in China and her Grandfather unexpectedly came in.  He had called her a very specific name from birth that was a nick name that he had given her.  It was a powerful affirmation and validation for her as of his presence.  My native tongue is English so the Grandfather worked with me and pronounced it for me so even though I could not spell it directly, I was able to sound it out phonetically and type it out so she knew what I was saying.

Language is not a boundary in the Spirit world, it is merely a characteristic that came along with our physical lives.  When a Spirit wants to communicate with a client they will work through your Spirit Guides and the Psychic Medium’s library of symbols to send along a message.  This allows me to hear their message in a way that is normal for me.

They might show me the country they are from or show me the country that relates to their language and then I can identify their origin.  From Indian tribes being spelled out, spiritual icons being identified, whatever the message may be if a Spirit wants to communicate they will.

Our loved ones are still very much with us on this side of the plane just as they were before it is only in different form.  They strive to help us during transitions in our lives and turning points.  They even applaud and acknowledge changes they have been waiting for.  So never doubt your loved ones presence or dedication to your life.   You are just as important now as you were then.

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