A reader on Quora writes, “How can I better ensure predictions from my psychics come true?  I’ve received basically the same prediction from multiple psychics and it’s an outcome that would make me so happy.”

I have honestly had clients try to argue with me on the outcome that I see, insisting that other readers saw a particular outcome and that the odds were against me. They would later come back to me and tell me that my reading came true for them. Another example, I had a new client that I had read for that had been going to other psychics for about a couple of years. They kept telling her that the man she was dating was going to be who she would marry, etc. She had spent a lot of money and two years waiting for this person to come forward into a fully committed relationship.

When I read for her, I saw this differently. I actually saw this man with someone else and having a relationship with the client at the same time. As you can imagine this was very disturbing to them and they were highly upset with me. I received hate mail from them and everything, but I did not want to just tell them something they just wanted to hear. I wanted to give her honestly what I was seeing.

It was a week later and she came back to me and apologized. When she addressed the issue to their partner, the man came clean to her and told her that he had been in a serious relationship with someone else and was going to marry this person. All this being said, I advise no matter what an astrologer, psychic, or medium tells you, always use your own intuition to make the judgment call and ask short-term questions to your reader so you can validate their accuracy.

Energy can always change. Even though the trajectory can be going one way right now, you or the other party involved both have free will and can change the path. There are what I call destiny points however, and those points occur no matter what. This means that no matter how long we take to get there, we still get there, so keep this in mind as well.

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