Finding someone to read for you that you truly resonate with is important.  This is where your own intuition kicks in.  You want someone that is going to tell you the truth and not be afraid to do so, but on the same hand, empower you not disable you.  What I suggest for anyone that is new to having psychic readings or intuitive life coaching is to try a short reading first with a few readers you feel drawn to.  Then from there decide who you want to work with.

What details did they provide you with?  What could they tell you about your past that was not a generalization?  Did they ask you a lot of questions or just start reading after you asked them a question?  If someone is “fishing” for answers or drawing conclusions from your responses then I would be skeptical of their authenticity.

Keep in mind, there are different type of readers with different methods of channeling information.  Do your research before you work with someone.  Do they use their real photo?  Are they working under a real name?  What qualifications do they have?  What does their spirituality feel like to you?  Is it dark or is it light?  Read their reviews and find out what other clients are saying about them and then make your own judgements.

That being said, when you do have a reading, how does it make you feel afterwards?  Do you feel scared?  or do you feel empowered?  A reader sees the future based on the current actions of the present.  So if you are taking a longer path to get to a destination point, then we will see the future based on this.  Let me give you a more concrete example, if I have a client that has drug addiction issues, my clairvoyance might show me the word “rehab” or show me what they are doing to themselves.  They may have not even mentioned to this to me, but I can gently bring it up so we can discuss the obstacles being presented.

It is helpful to have your questions prepared in advance so you get everything you want answered during your session.  Definitely do your homework.  Once you find a reader you feel comfortable with, this will be a spiritual friend you can check in with when you need for years to come.


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