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I honestly believe that every one of us has intuition and we have instinct. Intuition and instinct are the same as being “psychic.” Our society often notes the term “psychic” as something that belongs to people with gifts or powers, but that is not the case. We all have our internal compass that gives us hindsight to what we need to see to make a positive decision whether for ourselves or for others.

That being said, some us have stronger antennas than others. For example, you might have visions of the future and they are proven to be validated, but you don’t hear or speak to spirits. Maybe you only receive visions that pertain to you at certain times in your life.

I do encourage those that have visions to test out their skills and find their strengths even if it is only for your own personal use. Life can be a challenge for all us and guidance is a blessing no matter what form it may come in. Intuitive abilities are like a muscle, the more you use them, the stronger you become.

As children we act on instinct and then depending on our environment, we are either encouraged to use our abilities and rely on them or encouraged to denote them as coincidence or non-existent. If we are trained that these abilities do not exist than we do not pay as much attention to them as we should. Intuitive abilities are there for a reason. It is like an internal roadmap that we can use daily to help lead us to the right people, places, or things that help us stay on our path of purpose.

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