I am a mental medium which means I do not allow a spirit to enter my body I just basically have a conversation with them. When I am working with a client I will see their loved ones around their aura. Keep in mind I am usually on a phone or chat with them, so I don’t “see” with my physical eyes, I see with my third eye. What I do is provide them with evidence of their loved ones by telling them the description of the spirits that have stepped forward to communicate.

If the person had a physical ailment before passing they will show me or give me the symptom they felt. Maybe they passed from a heart attack, stroke, or car accident. I might experience tightness in my chest, or difficulty breathing. Depending on the spirit, the way it works for me is they show me who they are, what they did in life, and how they passed.

I have had spirits show me safes and papers or even trust funds which were later validated by the client. Each spirit is very unique in how they communicate. Some may give me actual words and others will show me symbolism that resonates to the client.

I may feel intense emotion and my eyes tear up because of what the spirit conveys to me. I may feel spirit bumps or “goosebumps” when they communicate. I feel their energy and when the information transfers to me, it will happen very quickly. In my own personal experiences with my family spirits, they have given me an actual phone number or direct person to contact and reach out to. Spirits are very adamant about communicating a message. It’s not scary at all. It feels like I am just being an operator, connecting the spirit to the person they are trying to reach.

Spirits are smart too and they are up with the times. I’ve had spirits come to me that are related to social media connections. They tell me their name and the person they are associated with and they will keep coming to me until I pass along the message and reach out to that person. I don’t read for people unless they give me permission to, but when spirits come in this way, you often have to take the chance and reach out to the person they are wanting to contact.

Do people always believe in this “stuff”? No, they certainly do not, but when I relay to them what their loved one is saying they begin to have an understanding.

Originally posted in response to a question on Quora


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