Happiness: Illusion or Reality?


Ask yourself, are you truly happy with your life at this given moment? Are you where you want to be? Are you with the people or person you want to be with? In order to answer these questions fairly, you must identify what happiness is to you. Some people may find when they define happiness that they are living below their own standards.

We only know what happiness is based on where we are at right at this moment. What makes you happy today may not be the same thing that makes you happy tomorrow. Sometimes we need to be shown other possibilities in order to know that something more exists. If we stop ourselves and think that this is “it,” we limit ourselves from what our happiness could be. That mentality is self defeating and limiting to what you can do.

You don’t have to be miserable. Nobody gets a reward for trying to live the most miserable and unhappy life in the end. What you surround yourself in this life is what gives you joy and uplifts your world despite the tribulations it presents. There is nothing worse than having a day of sadness and nothing more greater than being able to share that day with someone you trust and care about. If you don’t have someone you trust and care about in your life, then don’t give up thinking that such a partner exists. Chances are that you might even find that special gift of a person right under your nose.

Sometimes we present ourselves with illusions of happiness. Instead of actually being involved in a life situation that presents us pure joy and enlightenment, we involve ourselves with the “closest” thing we can get. We might be happy because as of right now this is as close to happiness as we have ever been, but sometimes there is something more. Sometimes our happiness changes as we change. What might have satisfied our soul and our needs years ago, may not satisfy the person we are at this moment.

Happiness is not necessarily perfection, but it is the ability to feel content in all areas of your life. You don’t need to settle for second best or even third best for that matter. Realize that what you feel you are, is what you will surround yourself with. If you feel unhappy with your life or circumstances then you might surround yourself with unhappy people. If you feel confident about who you are and what you believe, then hopefully you will compliment that greatness with those who are uplifting to you.

In order to make happiness your reality, take a moment to identify what gives you joy. Think about some of your happiest moments. Maybe it was an event, a conversation, or a loving stare into someone’s eyes. Or maybe it was something that you haven’t experienced yet, but would like to. Whatever it is that you feel might make you happy, embrace it. Take it in your arms and run with it, instead of away from it. You may just find that true happiness can exist after all.

Had a Bad Day?

Had a Bad Day?  Bad days are temporary but bad actions can be permanent.  Think before you speak.  Don’t allow your feelings to escalate to the point where you have internally hyped up a situation that could have had a solution.

Sometimes there are miscommunications that can get in the way of our best judgment and sometimes there are just moments when we need to slow down and put our issues into perspective.

We might wake up and have a different attitude than what we had today.  Maybe we will have a talk with a good friend that helps alleviate the burden we feel.   Taking the time to set out and find answers that work are rational ways of handling discomfort.  Setting out to harm others or ourselves is irrational and a permanent situation without a solution.

5 Quick Tips to Stop Talking Bad About Yourself

Negative self-talk often stems from early childhood when we impose others’ habits of negative behavior or actions towards ourselves. We can carry this into adulthood and start replaying the old tapes that deplete our motivations and self-esteem. We can remove the negative people and situations from our lives but still continue to act out their aggressions.

We can overcome this by becoming aware of our own actions. We can listen to how we talk about ourselves and how we treat ourselves in public and in private. Are we placing limits on our own goals and accomplishments? Are we disputing ourselves when we attempt to start a task?

Remember to give yourself the same love and devotion that you would give your best friend.

Here are a few tips that can help you stop talking bad about the person you are with the most… yourself:


      • Say thank you:
        When someone gives you a compliment, say thank you. You don’t have to dispute it or argue. Just say thank you and allow yourself to listen to how others perceive you in a positive light.
      • Create a gratitude list:
        It helps to feel good about yourself if you stop and realize everything in life that you have to be grateful for. Take a moment to recognize those you love whether it is close friends, family, or just situations. Write it down and watch the list grow. You will find it difficult to feel down about yourself when you see everything you are fortunate to have.
      • List out things you like about yourself:
        What do you like about you? What are some things that you wouldn’t change about yourself even if you could?   This could be an interesting trait or characteristic that makes you unique. Talk about your talents and skills. Maybe you are a good friend or listener. Maybe you can do something that few people can, own it.
      • Change negative statements to positive questions:
        Instead of saying “I can’t do this!” ask, “How can I do this?” Instead of saying “This can’t be done!” you can ask yourself, “How can this be done?” Create doors instead of walls for yourself. Leave solutions open so you don’t feel dead-ended.
      • Take care of yourself:
        Be willing to do the footwork. If you want to feel good about yourself you need to do the footwork to get yourself in a good place. You can start by creating a success ritual that will get you feeling motivated for your day. Drink water. Eat healthy. Dress for your day and exercise even if it means just walking for 10 minutes. Take baby steps to show yourself that you care about your own well-being.


Life Has Its Own Message


We receive messages from the universe daily and may not even be aware of their presence. They are unique forms of currency and they come in many different forms. From the sign you pass in the morning on your way to work, to the unique quote on a tea bag, we see and hear the message we need at the exact time we need it. Talk about an instant notification!

We might even have a chance encounter with someone or a brief conversation that we identify with and a bit of information we need in our own lives’ is revealed. Amazing how the puzzle becomes complete or another piece becomes added. It’s the universe’s way of naturally advancing us and encouraging our forward progression.

If we just stop and pay attention the road map is right in front of us, the signs are there, the direction will be made known. So what happens if you don’t see the path before you? We can stop, back track, and identify the obstacles that are in our way. There is always a solution and always an answer.

Sometimes the answer is simply stillness and patience, but always trust that more will be revealed.
For every moment in life is a catalyst, a series of events that leads up to another and takes us where we need to go. Be mindful of the progression and transformation that takes place. Show up to your own life with willingness and an awareness that all events happen for a reason. Even if we don’t understand the reason just yet in the current moment, we soon will.

Look for the messages that surround you and pay attention. You just might find that missing piece you needed for the day.

Enter Your Flow State


Are we living life the way we truly want to be living?  Or do we keep waiting for a moment in our lives when we might “have more time”?  The truth is that timing is now.  Nobody is going to come to us and tell us it’s time to go enjoy ourselves and to go after what we enjoy doing.  Nobody is going to hand it over.  We have to make time and seek this moment for ourselves and not feel bad about doing so.  Some people get lucky and fall into their purpose in life and others have to be willing to seek it out.

Our bodies and mind support our central zone of genius and actually encourage us to be in alignment with our truth.  We know that moment by becoming aware of our senses and practicing active listening to our body’s responses to situations we encounter.  At what state do we feel our best?  What could we do effortlessly for hours and time would pass by without us even noticing?  What do we love to do and what inspires us so much that we become fully engaged?

Your answers depend on you and only you.  When you reach that perfect state of atonement, when you and your craft are alone and that infinite flow state becomes harmonious, there is nothing else so great.

Stop Saying “I can’t” and Start Looking for the “I cans”

If you are like me I get frustrated when I hit a brick wall and feel dead ended with a project or goal I am trying to reach.  Nothing is more annoying then starting a project only to find out that I’m unsure of how to complete it or manifest the outcome I want.  Sometimes what I find is that I can actually hit a stop sign that puts a delay on my goal.  Needless to say instead of seeking the opportunity in what I feel is the disadvantage I am searching for the why.  Why can’t I do this right now?  Why is this standing in my way?  Or why am I hitting this roadblock?

The funny thing here is sometimes I think I’m the one in control of the sequence of events that has to happen to get to my goal.  Then the light bulb goes off and I have to remember that there is more to work at this than just me.  That’s right there is a Universal flow going on and often a special sequence that I need to do in order to get to that next level.  It doesn’t matter how much I feel I am prepared right now or how ready I am, if the Universe wants me to do something else or if it is not time yet, the brakes are put on and I have to stop until I get the green light again.

As annoying as this is, I am forced to stop, take a breather, and retrace my steps.  Maybe timing is a factor.  Maybe I need to recheck something and make sure that I’m doing exactly what I need to be doing right at this very moment.  Maybe I don’t have all the information that I need for my project.  There are a lot of factors that can contribute to the Universe stopping your flow.  If we can stand back from ourselves and the situation we can gain a clearer perspective on what we can do and not focus so much on the “I can’ts” but focus on the “I cans” and then take it from there.

Sometimes what we can do right now is actually a step or a pre-requisite of our end goal, we were just too frustrated at the time to see it.