Anticipate Fun

Our attitudes in life predict our day.  When we embrace a positive outlook and anticipate fun we actually encourage good things to happen.

If we train ourselves to get into this mindset every day, we will train ourselves and reprogram the way we choose to view the world around us.  We can say “today is going to be a good day” and therefore do everything we can to make this statement true.  We can smile.  We can have fun even if we are doing something we may not want to be doing.  A positive attitude isn’t just present because of a perfect situation in life existing.  A positive attitude is there because of the energy created by us that stands alone regardless of the situation.
Challenge yourself to anticipate fun no matter what your daily activities may be.  Embrace the unexpected and breathe through the obstacles that you encounter.  The only difference between a good day and bad is our own perception.

The Courage to Believe

It is those that have doubt live in their hearts that carry doubt in their dreams.

The definition of courage means to have the spirit of mind to overcome difficulty, to persevere when we ourselves experience fear or doubt.

Our challenge is to ask ourselves what personal obstacles do we have that exist and what can we do to overcome them. Is our obstacle physical, spiritual, or other people, places or things?

What do we have control over right now that we could change if we had the courage to do so? What inspires us to be better? What helps us eliminate fear and doubt and gives us the courage to believe?

Free Up Your Energy

When we free up our mind from worries that trouble us we free up our energy.  Worry is an activity that emotionally drains us of our vitality.

If you ever have had a rough day or have had something on your mind that prevented you from concentrating on what you “needed” to be doing chances are you know what an emotional burnout feels like.  You may have hardly moved, but your mind was racing all over the place and as a result you felt overwhelmed to take action.

Remember to take a moment and focus on what you have control over and what you do not have control over.  Don’t take on more responsibility than you need to and make worrying your highest priority.  Free up your energy by taking a deep breath and releasing thoughts that serve you no good.

Allow Life to Happen

As the years pass we will learn to realize that life has more suitable objectives for us than we do.  The roadmap the Universe has laid out for us is actually larger than our own expectations.

We don’t need to try and control the outcome when there is already a plan in action that often enough is better than our own.  Pay attention to the signs that occur around you.  Notice coincidences and synchronicities that manifest simultaneously.  What directions are we being pointed in?  What pieces of the puzzle are coming together for us?

Once we allow life to happen, we alleviate in ourselves the stress of trying to control outcomes.  We release control and burden and we allow opportunity to unfold.  This is what life is about.  It is easier to ride a wave than to go against it.

Accepting Change & New Possibilities

We never want to become bound to a particular way of life.  While the old shoes might appear to be comfortable it is the new shoes that actually help get us further in the long run.

As we grow in our lives there are always changes that will go on around us and will impact our paths in life as well.  How we respond to change is what matters the most and determines our overall happiness in day to day life.  We can spend our time fighting changes and questioning why or we can recognize that everything has a purpose and change is a mere catalyst that leads us toward our path.
Sometimes it is our location that changes and sometimes it is just our state of mind that takes a turn.  Remember that change gives us the opportunity to grow and transcend where we are right now.  Complacency although comfortable can prevent us from making positive changes and bridges to new horizons.

How Do We Dare to Dream?

A person can go no further than their own limitations and only as far as they dream.

It’s ok to believe in ourselves and it’s ok to invest time into the things that we feel matter even if nobody else may see their importance.  Taking that time out daily to free our minds and enter that space where right and wrong don’t exist.  Dare to dream and rely on your own sense of flow.
If there is an obstacle in your way, visualize yourself removing it from your path.  Visualize yourself exactly as you would like to be.  Remove the constraints, accept any imperfections that impair your ability to act.

Spend less time on worrying about inabilities and spend more time on nurturing the abilities you do have.  Focus on positive outcomes and rid yourself of the “what-ifs.”  Dare to believe in yourself, dare to dream.