Learning How to Let Go

Everything in life rejuvenates itself from our skin sloughing off the dead cells to show beautiful skin underneath from the plants that are clipped of their dead ends to bloom anew.

As spiritual human beings we are no different.  We come to points and times in our lives where we need to physically and sometimes even spiritually let go of our dead ends so we can start fresh and start over.

What burdens we carry, what past we had, we can start over at any time.  We just have to be willing to let go.  We have to be willing to sacrifice the old to gain the new.  Let fear not be the shackles on our feet, but the wings on our backs, to carry us over whatever troubled waters we had and start over.
Understand that life has more plans than we do and for every moment and every person that we encounter there is a meaning and worth.  We help one another learn the lessons we need to move on.  We help each other go forward.

Each lesson has it’s own sequence and place in time.  Some moments are short and some are infinite.  What we need at that given time in our lives will always be provided.  It may not be what we want or what we might think we should have, but it will be what we need.  The tools and the teacher will be there.

It is up to us to recognize when it is time to move on and to let go.  Understand that doing so allows others in their lives to move on too.

Surround Yourself With Positive People

Did you ever wonder why you feel emotionally and sometimes even physically drained when you are around negative people?  It’s not just you and your reactions to these people around you.  It’s your body trying to protect your temple from any outside interferences.  It is up to you to recognize these warning signals and trigger a response and remove yourself from the situation or people that are having this impact.

When you were younger you didn’t always have this control and possibly were subjected to negative people and situations.  However as you venture into self-discovery and create an environment of your own, it is crucial to realize that you do have this control to surround yourself with positive people.
You no longer need to be subjected to people, places, or things that wish to interfere with the environment that you worked hard to create and stabilize.  You no longer have to allow them access.  You don’t owe negativity the power to influence your decision-making or emotional health.  You do owe yourself and the people you love around you protection from emotional harm and negative influence.

Know that it is okay to make these positive choices for yourself regardless of what others say or feel.  Ultimately you are the one that has to live with the choices you make in life, so why not surround yourself with positive people and energy and stop allowing negative people and situations propose unnecessary obstacles in your world.  You don’t have to be a sponge of their energy when you can be a mirror and reflect the negativity back to the owner.

Happiness Without Prescription

As life and lifestyles speed up, so does the growing increase of the sense of longing, wandering just what else is there for ourselves, our families. Some people address their thoughts and feelings as valid and some do the exact opposite, they act as if those questions don’t exist.

For those that avoid the inner questions, they tend to feel uncertainty, depression, and weighed down. Then they seem to wonder what is wrong with them. The truth is, nothing is wrong, their bodies are doing exactly what they were intended to do… alert you that something in your life needs attention.

Our bodies are amazing because they really do work together with our personal well-being. When we take care of ourselves, our bodies function as they should naturally. When we subject ourselves to negative behaviors and lifestyles, our bodies pay the price. You may not be able to always see the repercussions of negative behavior right away, but it does take its toll in the long term.

Our behaviors can trigger messages from our bodies. Ever wonder why you get sick after being stressed? Or why being around negative people leaves you feeling exhausted? This is just your body’s way of sending out a warning sign that your well-being is being subjected to something that causes imbalance.

Some people stop and listen to their body’s signals and others choose to try and prevent them without getting to the root of the problem. They try to “numb” their instincts with outside stimulants, which leads to an additional source of negative behavior.

If we take the time to hear what our mind and bodies have to say, we just may find that the answers we were looking for were right in front of us, we were just too busy looking around to see.