What is the best and worst thing about being psychic?

The best thing about being psychic is you get to help people see things that are not in their physical or spiritual awareness. You can literally be helping them solve a problem they couldn’t see all their life and the light bulb goes off and they are able to move on. That is amazing. I help keep families together and I help connect people with their loved ones to realize that love never truly dies. Our loved ones are always around us and keeping up with our life events, they are just not physically present, they just changed form.

As a healer I have helped a lot of stroke patients recover from damage, remove energy blocks, or just help someone recognize how the health is connected to the spiritual. I might sense a medical issue when I am working with a client and help them work with medical professionals to heal or take care of health issues. As a psychic I can feel everything with my clients, their health, family health, indifferences. For myself, my primary goal is to help you feel empowered over your life and realize how much control you have over some of the outcomes.

What is the worst thing about being psychic? I can feel everything in my clients and temporarily take on their grief, health issues, anxiety, and stress. I can feel people’s energy in every day life which is why working in an office is out of the question. Being in negative energy spaces or around negative people is very challenging and often makes me sick to the point that I cannot physically be by them. I can control my sensitivity and turn down my receptors so I can do normal things like grocery shopping and carrying out other social activities, but it’s not something that I can be embedded in. For decades of my life, I could not figure out why in so many situations I would become physically ill or pick up certain symptoms from being in certain locations. I knew I had abilities but I had no idea that this was all part of it and related.

This all being said it takes a lot of my own personal energy to do readings for my clients. Using my abilities is a very big responsibility because I have to cleanse myself after readings and after attending social events. I have to keep myself clear and healthy in order to be a clear channel. When you are working with spirit guides, other spirits, and client’s energy you are given the gift to feel everything. Empathy is what helps me identify issues without someone physically pointing it out to me. I strictly only do distance readings on chat or over the phone so I am only able to read someone’s energy. I feel it lends to the authenticity of a reading, so I rely on senses not visual cues.

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Has your young child ever made an accurate psychic prediction?

This is a great question. My husband and I have 4 boys together and all of them have made predictions that have come true or were accurate without them having prior knowledge. This makes Christmas and birthdays very challenging and even hiding goodies. They can even determine a pregnancy before we are aware, to give you an understanding of their foresight.

Depending on what gifts your child exhibits you can do exercises with them to help them develop their natural abilities. The most important aspect of your role as a parent is to help validate their claims. If what they see is true, validate that and even discuss how they “saw” this.

For myself growing up I would naturally see trouble before it happened, know about issues in marriages of family, and even accidents. The challenge for me was that I was in a family that did not believe in this sort of foresight. So it was always brushed off and never discussed. I became trained to be “quiet” so that I would appear normal. My family was primarily Catholic and this sort of behavior was not considered a gift but looked upon in a negative light.

Being intuitive and empathetic to our environment is a very natural state of being. It’s important that we encourage children to use their gifts now so that they can continue using them as adults and making very conscious guided decisions in life.

I also want to note the sensitivities that children with abilities have. What you may think is a normal activity might be very daunting to your child. The reason for this is they feel other’s energy and can react in a negative way just to avoid the situation, and avoid the energy. Situations like zoos, crowded toy stores, amusement parks all may seem normal and enjoyable, but to a sensitive child it is an overwhelming feeling of others’ energy.

To take this a step further, before we find out we are pregnant we are visited by the child’s spirit. I have all male children, so they visit my husband and they visit their brothers. They will even wake them up and try to wake my husband up as well. Both my husband and children will see the same child. They will also tell us their name and that is how we name our children. So communication happens not only after birth but also before.

Teaching children not to be scared or ashamed of their abilities helps them feel comfortable with sharing and using them. It can be very daunting to feel like you don’t belong or like you are different in some way, but in our differences we bear our purpose.

Do psychics find it easier to read another psychic?

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The way I do readings is I do not do anything in person. I only do phone, I only do chats. I do this for a specific reason. I can’t make any judgments by appearance because a client is not physically in front of me. I am merely reading their energy and getting messages as soon as they start to ask me a question. So when a psychic, healer, or medium comes to me, they do not tell me what they are but their Spirit Guides will highlight a feature that will symbolize to me their gifts.

If they are a medium, they will show me the person receiving messages and from there I will convey to my client what I see. I might even see tarot cards or see that they are working more with an angelic realm. Their guides might even show me a special sign that they had given them to validate their path. I’ve seen this particularly with healers and shamans. From that point I will receive specific messages of their potential development that help validate what they are being shown.

So is it easier to read for psychics versus other general clients? Yes and no. If someone does not want you to read them but they come for a reading, they can be blocking or shielding themselves. When I see a person’s energy like this, I immediately feel and see their aura constrict. This makes it more challenging to read them. So when a person is open to a reading, that is what makes it easier to read them. I don’t feel it matters so much as whether they are psychic or not.

If someone is willing to learn about different parts of themselves, then they are opening up their energy to be read. Their chakras are more open as well, so you can see the different layers or highlights that should be focused on during a reading.

When I read for lightworkers their Spirit Guides are generally the ones I work with and they can be very loud and colorful during a reading. So you can have more spiritual helpers present when reading for psychics, mediums, or healers. When this happens information comes in very quickly as opposed to someone else that might be experiencing blocks.



How can I better ensure predictions from my psychics come true?

A reader on Quora writes, “How can I better ensure predictions from my psychics come true?  I’ve received basically the same prediction from multiple psychics and it’s an outcome that would make me so happy.”

I have honestly had clients try to argue with me on the outcome that I see, insisting that other readers saw a particular outcome and that the odds were against me. They would later come back to me and tell me that my reading came true for them. Another example, I had a new client that I had read for that had been going to other psychics for about a couple of years. They kept telling her that the man she was dating was going to be who she would marry, etc. She had spent a lot of money and two years waiting for this person to come forward into a fully committed relationship.

When I read for her, I saw this differently. I actually saw this man with someone else and having a relationship with the client at the same time. As you can imagine this was very disturbing to them and they were highly upset with me. I received hate mail from them and everything, but I did not want to just tell them something they just wanted to hear. I wanted to give her honestly what I was seeing.

It was a week later and she came back to me and apologized. When she addressed the issue to their partner, the man came clean to her and told her that he had been in a serious relationship with someone else and was going to marry this person. All this being said, I advise no matter what an astrologer, psychic, or medium tells you, always use your own intuition to make the judgment call and ask short-term questions to your reader so you can validate their accuracy.

Energy can always change. Even though the trajectory can be going one way right now, you or the other party involved both have free will and can change the path. There are what I call destiny points however, and those points occur no matter what. This means that no matter how long we take to get there, we still get there, so keep this in mind as well.

How does a person truly know if they have psychic abilities?


If you are expecting lightning to strike you down with confirmation, it is not going to happen, but I can tell you the signs will become more and more prominent. I’ve always been psychic since childhood but the type of environment that I was raised in did not have awareness of what was going on. I feel most of us suppress our abilities so we don’t stand out among family members or friends. When people don’t understand something they can automatically think it is “weird” or “evil.”

I shoved my abilities in the background but they were always there, no matter what my age. I saw things differently than those around me but always tried to appear normal. What happens though is the spiritual world and physical world become visible to us simultaneously. Where one person may only see what is before them, we can see the bigger picture and the past that brought the situation to this point.

So start paying attention to the signs around you. My signs showed up everywhere. I would have the same words show up in the most odd places like a book, my workplace, a radio station. I was having very specific dreams at this point letting me know it was time to come out and be public and truly develop my abilities instead of suppressing them. And yes this was a painful process, but the only person stopping me, was me.

At the same time, one of my jobs had us take a Myer Briggs personality test. I was pretty stubborn about this, but I took the test and found out Myer-Briggs score was INFJ. I lead my life by my intuition. The person reviewing my score with me said exactly what I needed to hear at that very special moment. He said, “You have a gift to see something in a way others don’t. There are very few with this and they often feel isolated or even were made to feel growing up that there was something wrong with them.” He said something else to the effect that you couldn’t help others by hiding.

He was so right. I was afraid of being judged. I was afraid of people thinking I was crazy or psychotic. I was afraid to draw attention to myself, but I was helping no one by hiding. It was really then that the light bulb was going off and I had to step out of my own way. So I advise you to look for your own light bulbs and see what lines up and speaks to you and then make a conscious effort to develop it and help the world in your own special way.

What is it like to have psychic abilities?


We all have an intuition some of us just operate on different levels and have different purposes for using our gifts. Having intuitive or psychic abilities is no different from being able to use any other part of our senses. We don’t think about seeing or smelling. We don’t think about tasting something, we just do it naturally. So for someone that is very open to their abilities, it’s an innate process. We retrieve information either through clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairaudience (clear hearing), clairsentience (clear knowing/feeling), clairgustance (clear taste), or clairsalience (clear smelling).

When we are born, we are in our most natural state and our environment has not impacted or influenced us to hide these abilities. Unfortunately depending on how we have adapted to our environment we may have suppressed these abilities so we appear to be “normal.” Someone that is psychic can feel isolated inwardly because not everyone “sees” the world in the way that they do. It was not too long ago that anyone that would show or display their gifts would be considered a “witch” or “evil.” That is not the case at all, in fact we are being as true to our creation as possible.

When we allow our abilities to be used it benefits not only our lives but the lives of others. We retrieve information that helps us develop paths for companies, inventions, next steps, or even warnings. We can see something in advance and determine direction based on the current energy. We only retrieve the information we are “supposed” to get though. The Universe has a code of ethics and will only show you what you need to see or what you need to feel to benefit or help others. We can only help people if they ask for it and allow us to read them. Ethically we cannot just go up and start reading people, that is invasive of their privacy. It should be a mutual agreement between the reader and the sitter.

Sometimes though we pick up information when we may not want to. Imagine going to a grocery store and picking up on different people’s energy around you. That can be quite exhausting. Even when we close down our chakras and are not so wide open, we still are feeling our environment. Depending on where we go or who are around, we may pick up on someone’s health issues and actually begin to feel them to the point where we think they are our own. We can shield ourselves from some of this energy, but that is only for a short amount of time and not something long term. So for someone that is very open and channels information, it is difficult to be in large crowds where there is a lot of energy. It’s difficult to work in offices where you have concentrated energy around you. We have to be mindful of our environment because it impacts us and our health.

For someone that is not aware of their abilities, they may internalize what they feel from others as anxiety, depression, or just poor health. The way to distinguish the difference between your health issues and being impacted by others’ energy is to see if the symptoms go away when you are not around a certain environment or person. Paying attention to what triggers these conditions will help someone with abilities cope or even shield themselves.

Having psychic abilities is like having an internal compass. If someone is using their psychic abilities to help others, then these abilities become an ethical and moral responsibility to those that seek spiritual counsel. We see things in a different way and we see the bigger picture and purpose of others.