Why can I feel other people psychically?


By nature we identify each other on a soul level. So basically you are feeling someone’s energy around you and using your clairsentience to feel or sense someone’s presence. In mediumship we use clairsentience when we “sense” a presence around someone’s aura. Then our clairvoyance, which means “clear seeing” kicks in andSome real life examples here would be feeling someone behind you and knowing who it was without looking. Then you turn around and you receive validation, that it was the person you saw in your mind. Every living thing has an energetic presence. You can feel a person’s energetic signature before they may even be physically present. Maybe you felt someone in particular was going to call you on the phone and then the phone rang.

We have to remember that energy presence is a two way street. We also can send our energy to others without even realizing it. Perhaps you were thinking of someone and then they contact you and say “I was just thinking about you.” This would be because they felt your presence and your communication to them without even saying anything.

How can I find a psychic reader to read my future and give me guidance?


Finding someone to read for you that you truly resonate with is important.  This is where your own intuition kicks in.  You want someone that is going to tell you the truth and not be afraid to do so, but on the same hand, empower you not disable you.  What I suggest for anyone that is new to having psychic readings or intuitive life coaching is to try a short reading first with a few readers you feel drawn to.  Then from there decide who you want to work with.

What details did they provide you with?  What could they tell you about your past that was not a generalization?  Did they ask you a lot of questions or just start reading after you asked them a question?  If someone is “fishing” for answers or drawing conclusions from your responses then I would be skeptical of their authenticity.

Keep in mind, there are different type of readers with different methods of channeling information.  Do your research before you work with someone.  Do they use their real photo?  Are they working under a real name?  What qualifications do they have?  What does their spirituality feel like to you?  Is it dark or is it light?  Read their reviews and find out what other clients are saying about them and then make your own judgements.

That being said, when you do have a reading, how does it make you feel afterwards?  Do you feel scared?  or do you feel empowered?  A reader sees the future based on the current actions of the present.  So if you are taking a longer path to get to a destination point, then we will see the future based on this.  Let me give you a more concrete example, if I have a client that has drug addiction issues, my clairvoyance might show me the word “rehab” or show me what they are doing to themselves.  They may have not even mentioned to this to me, but I can gently bring it up so we can discuss the obstacles being presented.

It is helpful to have your questions prepared in advance so you get everything you want answered during your session.  Definitely do your homework.  Once you find a reader you feel comfortable with, this will be a spiritual friend you can check in with when you need for years to come.


What does a Spirit Medium experience during a reading?


I am a mental medium which means I do not allow a spirit to enter my body I just basically have a conversation with them. When I am working with a client I will see their loved ones around their aura. Keep in mind I am usually on a phone or chat with them, so I don’t “see” with my physical eyes, I see with my third eye. What I do is provide them with evidence of their loved ones by telling them the description of the spirits that have stepped forward to communicate.

If the person had a physical ailment before passing they will show me or give me the symptom they felt. Maybe they passed from a heart attack, stroke, or car accident. I might experience tightness in my chest, or difficulty breathing. Depending on the spirit, the way it works for me is they show me who they are, what they did in life, and how they passed.

I have had spirits show me safes and papers or even trust funds which were later validated by the client. Each spirit is very unique in how they communicate. Some may give me actual words and others will show me symbolism that resonates to the client.

I may feel intense emotion and my eyes tear up because of what the spirit conveys to me. I may feel spirit bumps or “goosebumps” when they communicate. I feel their energy and when the information transfers to me, it will happen very quickly. In my own personal experiences with my family spirits, they have given me an actual phone number or direct person to contact and reach out to. Spirits are very adamant about communicating a message. It’s not scary at all. It feels like I am just being an operator, connecting the spirit to the person they are trying to reach.

Spirits are smart too and they are up with the times. I’ve had spirits come to me that are related to social media connections. They tell me their name and the person they are associated with and they will keep coming to me until I pass along the message and reach out to that person. I don’t read for people unless they give me permission to, but when spirits come in this way, you often have to take the chance and reach out to the person they are wanting to contact.

Do people always believe in this “stuff”? No, they certainly do not, but when I relay to them what their loved one is saying they begin to have an understanding.

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Are you Psychic and have Abundance Issues?

I took our son to the dentist today, he cracked a bottom tooth off by throwing up a fireball candy and trying to catch it in his mouth. We walked in and waited for about 30 minutes before we were seen and then spent literally under 10 minutes for a consultation. Our charge was $65 and the cost to cement the top of the tooth back on is $247.

Sure I could pay less at a clinic, but for issues like this price isn’t necessarily the factor. What’s more important to me is that I get someone that knows what they are doing and does it well. I don’t want any issues at all and I certainly don’t want our son to be in any discomfort.

That being said, I learned a valuable lesson today about prices and about why a Psychic Medium or anyone in the Healing Arts charges the price that they charge. I’m not a dentist so I need to respect the fact that this person does something that I can’t do. Dentistry is his gift and certainly not mine. So then it came down to what do I charge for my gift, my service to others?

Sure I want to be affordable and I want to be able to establish different price points for different people, but I also want to establish a value and be able to continue to invest in training, tools, and anything that improves my ability as a Psychic Medium. I also have to factor in the amount of physical human energy it takes to perform readings. Psychic readings are not a mass production line, you can’t do 60 readings a day every day without getting depleted. You have to have time to repair in between readings.

Anyone that serves Spirit has to take care of himself or herself, or they start to experience a lack of connection or become vulnerable to negative energy. So when picking a price for your time and your practice put things into perspective and do it in terms you can understand. Think of yourself as a counselor or a spiritual advisor. Even think of yourself as a beautician and the cost that goes into the price of a haircut or hair coloring.

A beautician has to pay her booth fees, education, materials, and the cost of her labor. A Psychic does work before and after a reading. They cleanse themselves, protect the space, perform meditations and healings so that a reading can operate on a clear channel.  Psychics constantly seek to educate and improve their methods and stay sharp by practicing in Development Circles.

So when you are working on a price for your time, make it worth your time. Allow the Universe to support you and pick a price that feels right to you. Pricing a skill like this is probably one of the hardest challenges, but it is an important one. You don’t want to underrate yourself and you don’t want to over shoot your price where nobody can afford you.  Set some goals and see what you need to do to create a happy medium (no pun intended!)

4 Quick Pricing Points to Consider

  • Do you want to do readings part-time or full-time? If you eventually want to do readings full-time then price your readings at a rate that will support you and nurture your spirit.
  • Are you doing readings online or are you doing them locally?  If you are doing them locally you can compare your rates with other readers in the area.  Look for the lowest and then the highest rates to get an idea of what works for you or better yet come up with something you and your Spirit Guides agree on.
  • Are you having to pay a commission to a store?  a hotline? or a merchant account?  Make sure you pad your price to accommodate for the extra fees you are having to pay.  Some hotline services that contract out their psychic advisors can take from 35-60% commission off the top of your rate minus connection fees too.

If your prices need to change going forward you can always change them.  Just know that you are worth your gift!

Psychic Medium : Talk to the dead… They will listen

We have to understand that if there is one thing for certain in this world it is that energy is never lost it only changes form. And so with the people we once loved and cherished in this physical realm of existence, their energy is not lost, they have only changed form.

They too will still exist just we may not see them the way we once had. Their attachments to the physical world no longer exist or are needed and they merely retain their life on a different frequency than ours. Imagine you are listening to the radio and you listen to the same channel all the time until one day you decided to change that channel. Well the old radio frequency still exists you just decided to change channels. The same with the dead, they still exist and we can still speak to them just not the way we were accustomed to before.

They may come to us in dreams or thoughts and that is their confirmation to us that they still exist.  So do not excuse these moments as they are true and are very real. These moments are when the dead fight hard to let us know their new lives have begun but we are not forgotten.

We may grieve of the physical loss and acceptance of their passing like a long lost friend moving to another state, but know that when you miss them you can reach out and they will hear you and they will listen.  If you need help reaching your loved ones that have passed and want more information than what you have received on your own then consider consulting with a Psychic Medium to help facilitate the communication.  You can ask questions, get their thoughts about life transitions, and have them acknowledge events they were present at after their passing.

How do I protect myself from unwanted psychic readings?

This is definitely a challenge because as a friend this person feels that they have your permission to read you at all times however nobody likes to be evaluated unless they request it in the first place. Psychic readings are very private and personal experiences and it is invasive to read someone without their consent. 

For this reason, I do not go up to people and start reading them even though I can. I have to always ask their permission to do so. So with this in mind, you can tell your friend that you are on your own spiritual journey and have your own intuition to abide by and when the time for you to learn something is needed, it will present itself to you. You can ask them to respect your boundaries and not read you unless you have asked them to. Too much influence of psychic suggestion can interfere with your own path, so for this reason it is good to follow your own intuition and seek a psychic when you need validation on a direction.

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