Leaving Behind Loss

When the quiet moments come upon us, we take that time to reflect on what we lost along the way. Lost loves, friendships, and maybe even relatives may come to mind. Along with those thoughts may we also may be reminded of the reasons why their presence may have been removed. Sometimes we experienced physical passing of the being in thought and other times we experience simple distance. Either way, our loss along the way was for good reason. We may not comprehend the meaning at that period in our lives, but with time, we will gain a spiritual explanation.

It is at our time of powerlessness that the universe does for us what we do not have the strength to do for ourselves. Perhaps where we were unable to make a choice, one was made for us. If we pay attention, we will eventually see that the removal was for our benefit not harm. For example, let’s say there was a close loved one that had broken your trust repeatedly and you kept forgiving them after years of being deceptive towards you. You will eventually reach a point where you have had enough and have to remove yourself from their behavior. Sometimes the only solution is removal. Sure you may love and care for the person, but when their love and respect is not reciprocated, your care becomes an inefficient source of energy. Unfortunately, not everyone is willing to look at themselves in a truthful light, so therefore we have to listen to our own truth, and take whatever action is necesasary.

If the people we surround ourselves with are not adding to our best interest then they are taking away from it. If we remove the labels and the titles from the people we invest time and energy into then we will see perhaps their true intentions without blinders. We won’t make excuses for unacceptable behavior. We won’t look at them as mothers, fathers, boyfriends or girlfriends. We won’t view them as husbands or wives. We will view them as trustworthy or not trustworthy. We will view them as faithful or unfaithful. We will view them as they are, and that is by their truth.

Instead of viewing the removal of their presence as loss you can view this as a gain. Not only will you gain energy, but you will also gain self respect. Need you know that loss is only the removal of something that no longer benefits you. You can even consider these occasions as graduations, as you are gradually going forward towards a more peaceful and caring life. May you know in your heart that it is the universe’s way of telling you that your time and efforts are needed elsewhere.

Be Present

Today, more than any other day, be present. Be here. Live in the moment that is now. Take in a deep breath as if it were your first. Be kind to those you encounter including yourself. Take on new challenges. Make new habits and make them good. Kiss your loved ones and embrace all they have to offer. Live in truth, become truth.

Try. Succeed. And if you don’t succeed, know that the real success was already accomplished just by you trying.

Begin. Become. Believe that what you set out to achieve will benefit you in some way, even if at the moment those benefits are not obvious.


Spiritual Friendships

As we walk along our paths in life, we will encounter several forms of friendships. There will be friends of convenience, friends by association, and friends of the heart. Friends out of convenience are friendships that you might have simply because you both are accessible to one another. These friendships are common in a work or school environment as people are united by place alone. You might even term these friendships as ‘associates’ instead of friends, because you associate with one another because you feel that you have to.

These types of friendships can easily disappear as quickly as they came or they can actually turn into more meaningful friendships as time moves on. Then there are friends by association, friendships that exist because of an association with another friend. You might acquire these forms of friendships because of your current friends. You acquire your friend’s circle of companions and make them your own. These associations can lack strong foundations and even knowledge of one another, but either way, you respect them as a part of the friend that originated the encounter.

Then there are friendships that are few and far between, friends of the heart or friends of the spirit. You may find this form of friendship with or in addition to your significant other. This type of friendship is guided through a profound spiritual connection. They are very pronounced and spiritually ignited. They can overcome distance. They can surpass cultural and language barriers. They can surpass age and even gender.

They do not exist out of convenience or association. These friendships exist out of respect and purpose. This unity of beings connects our hearts to our souls. They remind us and encourage our greatness and contribute to our over all well-being. These friendships exist on the purest of levels. They are not sexually motivated. They do not even necessarily rely on the power of any physical contact. They exist on a level all on their own.

What these friendships do touch are our hearts. They leave precious imprints where they matter the most. These friendships are gifts unto themselves as they are aligned with our inner workings and details. They somehow give us comfort no matter what our state of mind and they seem to blanket our worries with little or no effort. They exist not out of force, but out of care.

These spiritual friendships allow us to actually feel the insides of another. They allow us that close of a connection that typically both people can feel the others thoughts and emotions. We are attracted to them because we are intended to be. These friendships may baffle and surprise us as they can sneak up on us quickly, but they are friendships that need not go unnoticed and certainly not forgotten, for however long they are to stay.

Spiritual Alliances

Once you have become aligned with your inner self and have identified your purpose on this world, you will be appointed to various spiritual alliances.

Spiritual alliances are gifts in the form of people. They are people placed in our lives that are aligned with our true mission. They are there to further our goals and we are there to further theirs’.

The bond between the two is not one sided as the partnership is based on equality. Each side participates equally with the other and that is why they are a match. Alliances can be easily misplaced and hard to identify at times, but they are however very real to the touch and deserve our undivided attention.

It is entirely normal and quite natural to feel a strong sense of care and love for these particular relationships as you are being reunited with the mirror of yourself. This person is there to guide you to your higher purpose and potential, and you are there for them to do the same.

This partnership is a spiritual duty that has been brought to you for a reason. Do not confuse these relationships with love relationships as they are based on a different plain. However they can evolve and function on both levels, but that is not always their purpose. These relationships are manifested through our own willingness to advance spiritually. We actually call these partners to us without even realizing it. We have subconsciously requested them to be a part of our lives.

No matter what conditions you are living currently, your counterpart will know precisely the right moment to enter your life as it is part of their instinct. They will provide you with a sense of peace in your heart and in your mind. They will be understanding to who you are and be honest with you at all times. Your truth is their truth.

You are united for good reason. You will jointly accomplish a task that will benefit the world as a whole. You will combine your knowledge, your intuition, and meaning in life towards the greater good. You need one another for balance. Surely you might accomplish the same task at hand on your own. Perhaps you are even more familiar with this act of independence and self contained production. However, your partner will bring out another side of you and therefore you will be able to accomplish more, both in task and personal growth.

Don’t fear the greatness that these partnerships provide. They may feel overwhelming, but that is only because they originate from truth and suffer no pretense. Take time to allow these relationships to develop. Be patient with your emotions and discoveries during this time and then once you both are ready, set out to accomplish a common goal. You will more than likely realize that even more accomplishments will follow.

Spiritual Identification

There are so many differences in our world. Our cultures are different. Our languages are different. And our beliefs are different. We come in different shapes and sizes. We each have personal differences and ideals that allow us to identify who we are and what we contribute to our societal makeup. Each one of us is an intricate part of the whole.

Our differences allow us to complete all the functions that are required for our world to run smoothly. However these differences are not always applauded for their greatness. Instead they are used to continue our separation.

We use these differences as excuses to not pursue unification. We use them to divide, not conquer. Even the realms of religions have at some point divided us instead of uniting us. Perhaps what is missing is the pursuit of spiritual tolerance, a belief that allows us to tolerate others’ religions, race, or creed by simply focusing on our own spiritual identity.

After all, our experiences of spirituality are personal. Even though our environment and encounters influence our direction, it is up to us to decipher what path we choose to take. We can choose to recognize our path or we can choose to avoid it. Some paths lead to spiritual groups and some lead to individual practice. Some people may identify with particular religious beliefs and some may choose to establish their own belief or practice. As long as the goal is for a universal goodness, the belief or practice is of worth.

Whatever road allows you to acquire your spiritual identity, travel. Whatever practice allows you a tranquil mind, then by all means succumb to your intuition. If we stop to listen and address what we feel is right and proper, then we are addressing our own spiritual identity. We need not cling to a practice or belief simply because we were born into it.

We can create our own beliefs and therefore our own identities. Our beliefs would naturally be different as all of our experiences in life are different. No one individual has had the exact same life as the other. Sure we have similarities, but our journeys are really quite individually mapped. It would be only natural for us to develop our own concepts and pursuits based on our experiences.

Spirituality is not a matter of force or inheritance. It is a matter of the seeker pursuing a higher understanding of themselves and the world around them. Spirituality is what we acquire when we stop and take a moment to realize a universal greatness is at work here. This universal greatness does not separate us, but unites us as whole. This universal energy relies on all of us despite our religions, beliefs, culture, or language. It is the core of our identity. It is the makeup of our existence.

Some long for the camaraderie of group belief structures and that is quite acceptable. However, do not allow the group conscience to overcome your own. You still have the responsibility to identify yourself and your own nature. A group may assist you in self realization, but they do not govern your own intuition unless you allow them to do so. Pay attention to yourself. If something doesn’t feel right or comfortable then chances are your intuition is right.

Don’t be afraid to develop your faith and practice it on your own. If you feel comfortable with this concept then it is for you. If you need guidance or others with similar lines of faith then a group may be more suitable. Allow your spiritual practice to go where it needs to. You will eventually settle into a foundation that will continue to grow and develop throughout the years.

The beauty of spirituality is it allows us to define and focus on our roles in our society. We no longer need to focus on what we feel is right for others as that is not our responsibility. When we focus on our own spiritual goals and attainments, we are doing a great service because we are essentially allowing others to do the same.

Spiritual Wars on Earth

Part of what keeps people removed from spirituality at times is that in order to accept the good that comes from a conscious spiritual lifestyle, we also have

to accept that the opposite exists in the same realm. Just as there are opposing forces here on earth, there also exists the conflict of the heavens. This is the battle between good and evil.

There are actually forces of light and forces of darkness both fighting to overcome the other. These instances occur on both a large and small scale. They occur between people and they occur between nations. The division and the distinction between the two can be challenging to decipher as both can appear during darkness.

The only way to gain hold and conclude which is which, is to know your own truth. Keep focus of what is real to you and you will be able to identify illusions and misconceptions. If something does not feel right to you inside, know that it is okay to question why. Your biggest weapon is your instinct. Your most powerful shield is your intuition. Use those forces to identify conflicts of interests and determine good from evil.

Sometimes removing ourselves from the conflict, or the person we have in question is necessary as it allows us to separate our voice from theirs. When you do this, pay very close attention to your own responses, emotions, and energies. Do you feel more balanced? Do you feel in tuned to yourself and surroundings? Do you feel like blockages have been removed? Are you able to think clearly? How is your health when you are removed from the conflict? All of these questions will allow you to analyze the situation and determine what conflicts are in existence. Then take a look at your answers. If you felt blocked around someone, ask yourself why. If there was a situation that made you feel ill, then look for the cause.

Your goal is to obtain a higher level of good for yourself and the world around you. By thinking before we act, we can honestly address those in our immediate and surrounding circles that deplete our energy instead of replenishing it. Everyone is susceptible to evil and negativity; no one is immune to its torment. The only solution is to maintain a conscious awareness of your goals, both present and future. When in doubt, take refuge in silence until further action can be carried out. Remember your path and remember your truth as both will lead you towards good.