A Vulnerability to Evil

If you believe that good exists you must also accept that evil has its place in the world as well. You might see things in the world that are of obvious evil, such as killings, mass destruction, disorder, and ultimate chaos. But there are also evils that lurk in your every day life that can hide themselves from your direct awareness. This is the evil of the individual.

There is a fine line that separates us from one or the other. Good is out of pure virtue. Evil is out of pure vindication. Good feeds off of love and content. Evil feeds of misery and disception. Evil also feeds off of one’s doubt. This could be the doubt present in yourself or it could be the doubt present in your situation. When doubt exists within a person, they lose contact with who they are. They lose sight of their goals, inhibitions, and sometimes even morals.

Although doubt exists in all of man and this is only of his nature, it can lead to a feast for evil. If evil exists in the mind, it will also exist in the body. Therefore a person of a weak mind is susceptible and vulnerable to the hands of evil. As a weakness in the mind can cause someone to be easily swayed to either side.

Some of the effects of evil in the mind and in the heart are a lack of care and a lack of love for themselves and of others. When a person goes into their own darkness, they lose sight of their morals. Things that mattered to them before, do not matter to them now. It is as if a sleep has come over their mind, but their body is still functioning, feeding off of their own negativity and hate. The deeper one allows themselves to be taken, the further away the person will be from all that they had loved.

Characteristics of this possession are introversion, confinement to a location, constant need for darkness even during the day, poor eating behaviors, and personal hygeine. They will live in their own dirt never allowing themselves to be cleansed of their emotions. The person is often always on edge or depressed. They do not want love to be shown to them even in the smallest amount of the sense as that would counteract the evil within them. They will often say and do things without thought, harming those within their inner circle. They will seek conflict as conflict exists in them. They will seek destruction as they themselves feel destructed.

They will purposely surround themselves with clutter, closing them in even further to their own doings. Evil is the blockage of good. It is the darkness that lurks on a weakened soul. It may start out small, but it will eventually engulf and overcome its victim, unless they are awoken by force. This force will have to be so powerful that it draws out of them the person they were before. It causes them to remember their purpose and intention, long enough to listen to what they were doing and becoming.

This awareness is usually brought on by hurt as it takes ones emotions to be jolted back into sense. This awareness can be brought on by the ultimate loss to the victim, the loss of the one thing that mattered to them the most. Or awareness can be brought on by a spiritual healer, or one of spiritual strength to vanquish the darkness over the person’s mind long enough to let the core of the individual show through. It is when one forgets who they are, and why they are here, that they lose sight of their purpose. When such sight is at a loss, it leaves room for others intent to come in, good or evil.

A person bound by evil may act the opposite of how they would want to. On the inside they may really want to show or feel love, but the evil on their mind prevents them from doing so. Their senses are temporarily disabled. The further away they can get themselves from love, the more the evil feast, the more it will grow as darkness does not thrive on light.

When a person awakens from this darkness, which can occur over a short or long length of time, they start to see once more. Their senses and their inner spirit are brought into contact with the body once again. If they do not awaken, their mind will be driven further and further away from their truth, plaguing them of all that mattered to them in their world, destroying the spiritual lining.

One can prevent this possession by being mindful of their weaknesses. If they are able to recognize the presence of evil before it overcomes them, then they can focus in on their strengths and eliminate or remove the obstacles preventing them from good. Evil does exist, but how it exists, is up to those that let it.

How to Be Spiritual in a Physical World: Inner Wisdom

The heart and soul can expose so much daily.  We are receiving constant communication from our spiritual guides and are always being presented with life lessons that will help us acquire or aid our future path.  Every lesson leads us to a greater plane of awareness and provides us with a better understanding of the purpose of our existence. This inner guidance is no different than you showing up for “work” or for “school” as you need to take time to make the connection point with you and your guides.  If you feel as though you are not connected, then you need to figure out what your obstruction is and then focus on how to remove the obstacles.

What stands in your way of achieving a higher level of communication with your guides? 

We can alter our paths and we can alter our bodies.  Our spirit and our physical body is deeply interconnected.  What we perform or subject our body to the spirit feels the consequence.  When we lack something our body needs, the spirit grieves or suffers.  It is important that we digest the value of awareness.  We are not just one dimensional individuals where we live and think on the physical planes of life alone.  Instead we are of multi-dimensions and we are interacting with our guides that are here to help us achieve our life mission. Numbing out our own path’s desires puts a spiritual burden on our bodies.  We can feel as though we are “off” and not ourselves.  We start running into obstacles.  We start going against the current that we were intended to travel.  Taking the time to listen to what your body is telling you is the first step to connecting the void.  Listen to the wind.  What messages do you hear?  Taking the right direction can be the difference between success and downfalls.

How do we evolve ourselves? 

Our physical world changes constantly.  Our spiritual evolution is no different.  What worked for one years ago may or may not be the path that was intended to be maintained.  We have to pay attention to the changes in ourselves and see not just where we may feel comfortable as this state of being can lead us down to a complacent lifestyle.  We need to ask where do we want to be versus where we are. Surround yourself with positive examples and positive minded individuals.  If you find yourself surrounded by other individuals in avoidance, you will begin to think this is acceptable and can steer from your own path.  Know that there are no mistakes.  Sometimes what we think is a mistake was actually a spiritual occurrence or a means of redirection.  

Can one meditate by watching TV?

You can meditate any way you want. You can meditate in a crowd of people. You can meditate in a football stadium. You don’t have to be in a closed state of existence to meditate. Meditation is our state of mind and sometimes doing something that relaxes us, like watching television can put us in that particular state. 

So if this is what works for you then by all means do it. I would also suggest trying both a quiet, unstimulated meditation for 5–10 minutes so you can compare your focus. I find the more that I meditate, the more I do it without even thinking about it. It’s a state of mind.

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Everything Happens For A Reason: Spiritual Catalysts

There are two ways you can choose to live your life.  You can either live life blindly and not pay attention to anything going on around you or you can live your life and look at each occurrence as having a spiritual meaning or message.  Spiritual meanings I like to term as Spiritual Catalysts.  This is where one instance in your life happens and although you might take the habit to immediately label this issue as bad, there really is a deeper purpose behind the occurrence.

Spiritual Catalysts help us learn and help us grow.  They are the preparations that we often need to help achieve that new level we were wanting to ultimately get to in the first place.  However we always have the power of free will.  We have the power to take the challenge or move away from it.  If we do not accept the challenge, the Universe will only try and try to present it to us again.  This is where patterns will keep repeating themselves until we choose to break them.  This is the Universe’s way of helping us grow.

When you start to view life in this way, you can actually push through the challenges understanding that wisdom and the right of passage is on the other side.  The Universe also has a great way of letting us know when one life situation is about to end so that another situation can begin.

We might say to ourselves why is all of this happening to me?  Why is my luck so bad?  I’ve heard countless times before, “If it wasn’t for bad luck I wouldn’t have any luck at all.”  However I would like to say the latter is happening.  This is good luck even if at the time we choose to not label our situation in this way.  Know that every occurrence has a spiritual purpose, a Spiritual Catalyst that allows us to abandon what we knew before and move beyond.

I will go ahead and give you a perfect example and something that always comes up for me personally.  Our family moves around a lot.  We can always tell when our time is up somewhere because different things start to occur that are very much beyond our control.  Sometimes they are really small things that add up and sometimes they are very big things that we can’t fix and have to vacate.

The Universe has a way of putting on the breaks too when we might think we are supposed to move and we are not.  Or we do have to move but it is within that state and area versus across the country.   The extreme case of this was when our family was living in Kentucky.  We had a sewer line break in the house and the fumes were coming through.  We needed to take action quickly.  We had been saving our money to move our family across country and were talking about doing so.  We had lived in Kentucky for about 5 years which was very long for us to stay in one place.  We longed to get back to the west coast, but we had some unfinished spiritual business and the Universe had no problems in letting us know our timing was not right.  My husband and I were sitting there talking about moving and the printer in my husband’s office turned on and started printing.  There was one phrase printed in the smallest print, “Your work here is not finished.

It was at that time we immediately stopped talking about moving across country and said ok we need to stay in this area.  We found a house about 30 minutes outside of our current town and was in a larger city.  Literally right as we were moving my husband’s grandmother would be placed in the hospital in that city and would soon wind up never returning to her own home closer to where we lived before.

Spiritual Catalysts are roadmaps that let us know where we need to be and when.  They allow us to learn life lessons and shape us to be the person we were intended to be to help others.  Pay attention.  Be aware.  Look for a spiritual flow of events.