Are we living life the way we truly want to be living?  Or do we keep waiting for a moment in our lives when we might “have more time”?  The truth is that timing is now.  Nobody is going to come to us and tell us it’s time to go enjoy ourselves and to go after what we enjoy doing.  Nobody is going to hand it over.  We have to make time and seek this moment for ourselves and not feel bad about doing so.  Some people get lucky and fall into their purpose in life and others have to be willing to seek it out.

Our bodies and mind support our central zone of genius and actually encourage us to be in alignment with our truth.  We know that moment by becoming aware of our senses and practicing active listening to our body’s responses to situations we encounter.  At what state do we feel our best?  What could we do effortlessly for hours and time would pass by without us even noticing?  What do we love to do and what inspires us so much that we become fully engaged?

Your answers depend on you and only you.  When you reach that perfect state of atonement, when you and your craft are alone and that infinite flow state becomes harmonious, there is nothing else so great.