Ask yourself, are you truly happy with your life at this given moment? Are you where you want to be? Are you with the people or person you want to be with? In order to answer these questions fairly, you must identify what happiness is to you. Some people may find when they define happiness that they are living below their own standards.

We only know what happiness is based on where we are at right at this moment. What makes you happy today may not be the same thing that makes you happy tomorrow. Sometimes we need to be shown other possibilities in order to know that something more exists. If we stop ourselves and think that this is “it,” we limit ourselves from what our happiness could be. That mentality is self defeating and limiting to what you can do.

You don’t have to be miserable. Nobody gets a reward for trying to live the most miserable and unhappy life in the end. What you surround yourself in this life is what gives you joy and uplifts your world despite the tribulations it presents. There is nothing worse than having a day of sadness and nothing more greater than being able to share that day with someone you trust and care about. If you don’t have someone you trust and care about in your life, then don’t give up thinking that such a partner exists. Chances are that you might even find that special gift of a person right under your nose.

Sometimes we present ourselves with illusions of happiness. Instead of actually being involved in a life situation that presents us pure joy and enlightenment, we involve ourselves with the “closest” thing we can get. We might be happy because as of right now this is as close to happiness as we have ever been, but sometimes there is something more. Sometimes our happiness changes as we change. What might have satisfied our soul and our needs years ago, may not satisfy the person we are at this moment.

Happiness is not necessarily perfection, but it is the ability to feel content in all areas of your life. You don’t need to settle for second best or even third best for that matter. Realize that what you feel you are, is what you will surround yourself with. If you feel unhappy with your life or circumstances then you might surround yourself with unhappy people. If you feel confident about who you are and what you believe, then hopefully you will compliment that greatness with those who are uplifting to you.

In order to make happiness your reality, take a moment to identify what gives you joy. Think about some of your happiest moments. Maybe it was an event, a conversation, or a loving stare into someone’s eyes. Or maybe it was something that you haven’t experienced yet, but would like to. Whatever it is that you feel might make you happy, embrace it. Take it in your arms and run with it, instead of away from it. You may just find that true happiness can exist after all.