We receive messages from the universe daily and may not even be aware of their presence. They are unique forms of currency and they come in many different forms. From the sign you pass in the morning on your way to work, to the unique quote on a tea bag, we see and hear the message we need at the exact time we need it. Talk about an instant notification!

We might even have a chance encounter with someone or a brief conversation that we identify with and a bit of information we need in our own lives’ is revealed. Amazing how the puzzle becomes complete or another piece becomes added. It’s the universe’s way of naturally advancing us and encouraging our forward progression.

If we just stop and pay attention the road map is right in front of us, the signs are there, the direction will be made known. So what happens if you don’t see the path before you? We can stop, back track, and identify the obstacles that are in our way. There is always a solution and always an answer.

Sometimes the answer is simply stillness and patience, but always trust that more will be revealed.
For every moment in life is a catalyst, a series of events that leads up to another and takes us where we need to go. Be mindful of the progression and transformation that takes place. Show up to your own life with willingness and an awareness that all events happen for a reason. Even if we don’t understand the reason just yet in the current moment, we soon will.

Look for the messages that surround you and pay attention. You just might find that missing piece you needed for the day.