Dealing with a loved one’s alcoholism can take away from your self-esteem and your ability to trust your own sense of judgment.  You may start out positive and very out-going and then turn into someone you no longer know.  Instead of having hope for the future, you may only feel despair. Instead of feeling a sense of confidence in your life choices you may find yourself second guessing your decisions or feel a sense of fogginess.

Just as alcoholism has stages of progression for the alcoholic it also has stages of progression for the alcoholic’s loved ones.  We continue to get worse along with our alcoholics.  We have to get “sick” before we can get better.  Loved ones of alcoholics have to become sick and tired of being sick and tired before they have the desire to seek outside help.  The definition of insanity is trying the same things over and over and expecting different results.  Without the proper tools and understanding of the behaviors and patterns of an addict we can easily fall prey to addiction.  Our behavior can then have impact on those around us especially when children are involved.

Seeking out positive coping methods and support systems is the key to our own recovery.  Talking with others that share the same grief and have experienced similar situations with alcoholism can turn our anger into awareness and our confusion into clarity.  There are options to speak with counselors or you have the option to seek out a free support system called Al-anon Family Groups. There are hotlines for Al-anon that you can call and even online meetings that are scheduled if you do not have a meeting location in your area.

This book is the perfect book for in-house personal development.  You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home to get well acquainted with the many different aspects of families that are struggling through alcoholism or addiction.  Learn how to recognize key behaviors and how to work through them.  Recognize patterns that enable your loved ones to stay sick and learn how to correct them.

This book is dedicated to the family members that still suffer with living with alcoholism and addiction in the home. Making change is often the hardest thing we can do, but it is the best solution for ourselves and for our loved ones with addictions. Never fear independent thinking and growth. Move forward and seek the happiness you deserve and want. We are never stuck in a situation. There are always choices to be made and options. There is always opportunity for growth. Take that opportunity and embrace it.

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