I took our son to the dentist today, he cracked a bottom tooth off by throwing up a fireball candy and trying to catch it in his mouth. We walked in and waited for about 30 minutes before we were seen and then spent literally under 10 minutes for a consultation. Our charge was $65 and the cost to cement the top of the tooth back on is $247.

Sure I could pay less at a clinic, but for issues like this price isn’t necessarily the factor. What’s more important to me is that I get someone that knows what they are doing and does it well. I don’t want any issues at all and I certainly don’t want our son to be in any discomfort.

That being said, I learned a valuable lesson today about prices and about why a Psychic Medium or anyone in the Healing Arts charges the price that they charge. I’m not a dentist so I need to respect the fact that this person does something that I can’t do. Dentistry is his gift and certainly not mine. So then it came down to what do I charge for my gift, my service to others?

Sure I want to be affordable and I want to be able to establish different price points for different people, but I also want to establish a value and be able to continue to invest in training, tools, and anything that improves my ability as a Psychic Medium. I also have to factor in the amount of physical human energy it takes to perform readings. Psychic readings are not a mass production line, you can’t do 60 readings a day every day without getting depleted. You have to have time to repair in between readings.

Anyone that serves Spirit has to take care of himself or herself, or they start to experience a lack of connection or become vulnerable to negative energy. So when picking a price for your time and your practice put things into perspective and do it in terms you can understand. Think of yourself as a counselor or a spiritual advisor. Even think of yourself as a beautician and the cost that goes into the price of a haircut or hair coloring.

A beautician has to pay her booth fees, education, materials, and the cost of her labor. A Psychic does work before and after a reading. They cleanse themselves, protect the space, perform meditations and healings so that a reading can operate on a clear channel.  Psychics constantly seek to educate and improve their methods and stay sharp by practicing in Development Circles.

So when you are working on a price for your time, make it worth your time. Allow the Universe to support you and pick a price that feels right to you. Pricing a skill like this is probably one of the hardest challenges, but it is an important one. You don’t want to underrate yourself and you don’t want to over shoot your price where nobody can afford you.  Set some goals and see what you need to do to create a happy medium (no pun intended!)

4 Quick Pricing Points to Consider

  • Do you want to do readings part-time or full-time? If you eventually want to do readings full-time then price your readings at a rate that will support you and nurture your spirit.
  • Are you doing readings online or are you doing them locally?  If you are doing them locally you can compare your rates with other readers in the area.  Look for the lowest and then the highest rates to get an idea of what works for you or better yet come up with something you and your Spirit Guides agree on.
  • Are you having to pay a commission to a store?  a hotline? or a merchant account?  Make sure you pad your price to accommodate for the extra fees you are having to pay.  Some hotline services that contract out their psychic advisors can take from 35-60% commission off the top of your rate minus connection fees too.

If your prices need to change going forward you can always change them.  Just know that you are worth your gift!