There are instances when someone can do a psychic attack with their own energy or negative intentions, but they do not need your name or birthdate to do this. And if you feel like this is the person’s intention, then I would advise to stay away from interactions from them and block their energy by not participating with them anymore. Remove any mention or association with them that you have online as well to protect yourself. This in itself is an act of cutting the energetic cord that associates you to them.

I personally do not require someone to give me their full name and in blind reading situations such as hotline readings on Keen or on Best Psychic Directory, readers will only see your username and not your actual physical name unless you choose to introduce yourself. Even when I have someone come to me personally on Living On Intuition, I have a team member advise that it is ok to read for them, I don’t see the actual location or name, unless the client chooses to tell me. I like to know the least bit of information about the person as possible prior to reading for them.

There are a lot of readers that will track their clients by birthdate similarities in spreadsheets so they know when the same person is coming to them. Others actually use it for providing readings about astrology which obviously would be a requirement for that particular type of reading. But as for a psychic or a medium this is not needed as you have already done an age verification upon signing up to be a client on most hotline sites. Credit card verification alone proves that you are over a certain age unless you are trying to use someone else’s credit card, but they have checks in place for this as well.

This being said, I have done free healings for people that have been in similar situations and just need clearing or rebalanced. Energy impacts us all so even coming in contact with someone that makes us feel uneasy can have residual impact on us, especially if we are sensitive.

This is another reason why I suggest to research your psychic readers, make a small investment with them on a reading before purchasing a larger package. You want to make sure that you can validate what they are saying to you and that you feel comfortable with them as a reader. You want to feel empowered and not disabled.