As a medium, yes I can use my skills on demand, but there is one ethical question you have to ask yourself, does this person want your input? Not everyone you encounter will want you to read them. Think about it, it’s like snooping around an aura that is not yours. I will also mention how exhausting that it is to turn on and read everyone that you encounter or pass as you make yourself accessible to their energy.

If this is a path you feel drawn to pursue than do it with tact and with great responsibility. Develop your skills, practice them with great integrity and with willing participants. There are plenty of free reading sites that take on new readers to hone in their abilities so you don’t have to invade a stranger’s privacy.

This being said, we get intuitive flashes around people we encounter for a reason. Perhaps we are being warned of danger and the message is more for us than it is for them. Meaning your intuition is there to guide you toward life decisions that help you excel and benefit the higher good. When we encounter a situation that is not for our benefit, we can start to feel nervous or uneasy. This is a warning to you, to look for another solution, or to wait before making a decision.

If you are wanting to read for others, understand the spiritual responsibility before you get involved. You will be influencing the direction of another human being’s life. Make sure you test your skills enough to become confident in the information you are providing. Be your own skeptic. Validate your answers after a test reading is performed. Were you able to demonstrate accurate information on the past situations of your client’s life? Did they come back to you and let you know that you were right with what you were seeing? The greatest reward as a medium or a psychic is when a client returns and tells you that what you told them was spot on.

Before I started doing readings professionally, I tested myself everywhere. I did over a couple 100 free readings before I started doing this as a profession. I have read for people all my life, but I didn’t acknowledge this as an actual ability until I was older. So I put my skills to the test because I wanted to know how information came to me, what my style was before I dedicated myself to this path. I strongly encourage anyone that wants to develop their abilities to do the same thing. Be responsible, ethical, and practice before you work publicly with others.