I typically do not have spirit tell me about a person’s death unless there is an accident or situation that can be prevented. Then I will be shown the situation and I can advise the client or person to be mindful of what I am being shown. This is a very, very rare instance that I have this occur, but we are not typically shown a person’s death state in advance.

I have been shown an accident prevention for a police officer that I would read for and because of the hindsight I gave him, the accident still occurred, but the vehicle he was in was different. It occurred in the precise spot I was seeing and happened in the same way that I saw it. This vision came to me when he had asked if he should buy a motorcycle. So his spirit guides wanted me to prevent this and therefore told me how to prevent it. This person never came to me again, but did share the validation with me and the newspaper clipping.

I have been also given preventative information for a family member all the way across the country. I was shown the information in a dream state. I saw the road that they were taking, landmarks around them and that this was thought to be a “quicker” way home. Then I was shown a two lane road and a minivan crossing over into their lane and hitting them head on. I told them immediately the next day. Here they were taking a new route to work because it was “quicker.”

They still took the same route that night. A driver in a minivan was on their cell phone and veered over right into the other lane. My family member was being extra cautious driving that night and was able to in advance pull over on the side of the road missing the danger and preventing the head on collision.

On the other side of the fence, I have had a neighbor that I just met while checking the mail one day. She was an older woman and started talking to me, but I couldn’t hear what she was saying to me at all because her soul started speaking to me and was talking over her. This was different though, she was speaking directly in my ear from the inside and telling me that she was very sick and would be passing soon.

Three months had passed and I did not see her. I ran into a neighbor down the street that was going to check on the woman’s house. I asked her if she had seen her and she told me that the woman was in the hospital. They found an inoperable brain tumor and that she would pass soon. The woman passed soon after.

Now even though this woman’s soul was speaking to me, ethically it was not my job to tell her physical body that she was going to pass. Her soul already knew.

When her soul stopped speaking to me, I could then begin to hear what she was actually saying to me in person. She was confessing that she didn’t feel she was a good mother to her kids and that some of the choices she made in life impacted how distant she was to be with them when they were older. Looking back on this now, she was clearing out her conscience with me, she was speaking her truth to someone she did not know.

Every situation is different and as a medium it is not my job to provide gloom and doom to people, it is my duty to help lift them up and in some instances prevent events that are not supposed to occur. And in some situations, my job is to merely listen, help heal the soul, and move it on from its discomfort.