There are many psychics and mediums that sustain a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle to help assist them with their intuitive gifts, however I don’t feel this is a requirement. As a spiritual medium and healer what I sense that my body needs intuitively is more important. There are times when I feel I need to restrict myself and only have a vegetarian diet but then there are other weeks that I sense my body needs help grounding itself and therefore I will choose to eat healthy meats, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

As a lightworker, we have one hand in the heavens and our feet still on the ground. What this means is that although we are communicating with spirit, or our own intuition, we still need the ability to be grounded and communicate these messages to those in the physical world. This can often be a challenge for lightworkers that feel more comfortable with staying in the spiritual realm v/s staying on the earthly plane. Our goal and example of maintaining a balance within ourselves is what we can strive to show to others.

Eating high vibration foods allow us to operate and sustain our energy so that we in return have the energy to use for psychic abilities. High vibration foods mean a healthy balance between either vegetarian or meat protein sources, fruits, vegetable, and whole grains. The closer to the source of truth, the stronger the vibration. The less processing the food has undergone, the stronger the vibration. Buy food that feels and looks good to you. Use your intuition to feel the energy a food gives off to help you identify what your body needs.

I have no problem not buying a particular item because it does not feel right to me. It might even be something that is technically healthy but I don’t like the energy it gives off, so I trust that and put it back on the shelf. Everything has an aura to it, and when you are training yourself to read and see the aura of an item you can tell if an item is radiating or if it looks weak and broken. When we eat food that we identify as a high vibration it in turn helps us sustain our own vibration and the result can mean an increased potential for psychic abilities.

So this being said, it’s not a particular type of diet that helps us elevate or improve our psychic abilities, it is the vibration of the foods we eat. If being a vegetarian allows you to mentally be more accountable for the food you place in your body, than stick with it. However, if you start to feel depleted, low energy, and drained, than I would look into adding either fish or different meat sources. I would also advise to purchase organic or kosher meat whenever possible so that you know the source or the energy of the source that it comes from. This energy can carry over into your body even though it is no longer in it’s living state.

Everyone is different and we all have different dietary needs and discretions that make us who we are. What makes one person feel optimal may make another feel disabled. Trust your own intuition and experiment with eating behaviors and your abilities to see what helps you stay spiritual while still being physically present in your body.