In my experience as a medium, spirits and guides are not gloom and doom tellers, unless there is something that is supposed to be relayed to someone and prevented.I have had this come up in a few reading but it is rare. When I start reading for someone over a long period of time, their guides get very comfortable with relaying different messages my seeker should know.

I was working with a client in law enforcement and the one day they had asked me if they should get a motorcycle and make an investment. As soon as they told me of this, I was immediately shown an accident and a particular crossroads which I saw landmarks around. The accident was not my client’s fault but they were hit on the side and thrown from their motorcycle. I described all of the details to my client and the particular crossroads resonated with them and was a common road they took daily.

After the reading, they decided to hold off on buying a motorcycle. About 6 months later, they came back to me and told me they were in an accident at this crossroads, but because they were driving a car and not a motorcycle they survived with minor injuries. The client never came back to me after this because the reading disturbed them, and understandingly so.

I had another vision that came through a dream about my mother-in-law that was over 2,400 miles away from me. I was shown them driving their car and having a caravan come into their lane and hit them head on. I was able to describe the country road to them, the time of day, and how this occurred. Here she had been taking a short cut to get home from work on this two-lane road. Because of the information I had told them they were being cautious and alert of other drivers. Days later they were on that road and a caravan drove into their lane. They were able to pull over off to the side of the road before they could be hit.

I’ve also had other cases personally when my guides have told me to not go on a certain trip and the car I would have been sitting in was hit and had two fatalities. When there is an occurrence that is life threatening and supposed to be prevented, spirits and guides will go out of their way to deliver their message. The message can come through a dream, other people, or signs. If you are supposed to receive the message you will.

I do want to state that I conduct distance readings only and not in-person readings which I prefer. The reason for this, is I am only merely reading your energy and whatever is shown to me clairvoyantly via your guides or spirits. I’m not reading body language or asking questions. A reading is just the sitter asking me a question without telling me any details at all and me reading the energy on the issue.

If a reader is telling you that you are cursed or their is a negative energy inflicting you and you need to pay for further treatment, please be mindful of this and trust your instincts. If something doesn’t feel right to you or if your reading feels “scary” then you have the power to stop it right away and seek another’s counsel. As a rule of thumb, you should always feel empowered during your readings and not disabled.

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