This is a great question. My husband and I have 4 boys together and all of them have made predictions that have come true or were accurate without them having prior knowledge. This makes Christmas and birthdays very challenging and even hiding goodies. They can even determine a pregnancy before we are aware, to give you an understanding of their foresight.

Depending on what gifts your child exhibits you can do exercises with them to help them develop their natural abilities. The most important aspect of your role as a parent is to help validate their claims. If what they see is true, validate that and even discuss how they “saw” this.

For myself growing up I would naturally see trouble before it happened, know about issues in marriages of family, and even accidents. The challenge for me was that I was in a family that did not believe in this sort of foresight. So it was always brushed off and never discussed. I became trained to be “quiet” so that I would appear normal. My family was primarily Catholic and this sort of behavior was not considered a gift but looked upon in a negative light.

Being intuitive and empathetic to our environment is a very natural state of being. It’s important that we encourage children to use their gifts now so that they can continue using them as adults and making very conscious guided decisions in life.

I also want to note the sensitivities that children with abilities have. What you may think is a normal activity might be very daunting to your child. The reason for this is they feel other’s energy and can react in a negative way just to avoid the situation, and avoid the energy. Situations like zoos, crowded toy stores, amusement parks all may seem normal and enjoyable, but to a sensitive child it is an overwhelming feeling of others’ energy.

To take this a step further, before we find out we are pregnant we are visited by the child’s spirit. I have all male children, so they visit my husband and they visit their brothers. They will even wake them up and try to wake my husband up as well. Both my husband and children will see the same child. They will also tell us their name and that is how we name our children. So communication happens not only after birth but also before.

Teaching children not to be scared or ashamed of their abilities helps them feel comfortable with sharing and using them. It can be very daunting to feel like you don’t belong or like you are different in some way, but in our differences we bear our purpose.