The way we can determine the difference between the two is one has validation and one does not.

When we are talking about future predictions or visions, this is always an ever changing process as it is based on free will of all parties involved. If you choose to change your path or fall off course, the energy of your future changes along with this.

The best way to prove a psychic’s authenticity is to have them validate something you are already aware of. Ask about past relationships or events only you know, because you can verify these occurrences as real and true to you.

This being said, when a medium hears someone speaking to them through clairaudience, the validation comes from proving the information to be true and following it up with fact. With a mental illness, often the voices that are heard in one’s head could be spirits taking over the person’s body, stepping into them or it could be hallucination based on a pre-existing mental illness.

With mental illness the information provided through the person cannot be validated or proven to be authentic. I’m quite sure there are cases where both instances can reside within an individual, both psychic and mental illness, but I do not have proven documentation on this.

People with mental illness can be subject to spirit takeover because they are vulnerable and not in control of their own mental state. Whether this is a medically induced mind/body disconnect, addiction, or brain malformation, the body and spirit are disconnected and vulnerable to displacement.

When I started to accept my own abilities it was because the validation was present. When you begin receiving information that you are not knowledgeable of, or speaking about active events you were not present for, this is validation. When you can have a 3rd party validate what you are seeing that becomes validation as well. There is a saying among mediums, “trust what you receive,” but I like taking that a step further, “trust what you receive, but make sure you have someone validate it.”

With our society today, we still view psychics, mediums, healers as fraudulent. And yes like all professions, you will have authentic readers and non-authentic. Mental illness unfortunately is more acceptable than our own intuition.

If I was to reach out to a medical professional and tell them that I hear voices or see things that are not present, it would sound like I was in fact mentally unstable. I still to this day have trouble saying the word “psychic” because it is too close to the word “psychotic.” I have had enough validation to know that what I see is real and just a different way of receiving information about the world around me, both spirit and physical beings.

So for anyone that may be afraid to admit they see things because of this, I encourage you to find your own truth. Talk to other people that have these abilities. Join interest groups and talk about what you see and how information comes to you.

And if you want to read actual links between science and psychic abilities and ESP, please refer to the research performed by Russell Targ in The Reality of ESP: A Physicist’s Proof of Psychic Abilities.