This is definitely a challenge because as a friend this person feels that they have your permission to read you at all times however nobody likes to be evaluated unless they request it in the first place. Psychic readings are very private and personal experiences and it is invasive to read someone without their consent. 

For this reason, I do not go up to people and start reading them even though I can. I have to always ask their permission to do so. So with this in mind, you can tell your friend that you are on your own spiritual journey and have your own intuition to abide by and when the time for you to learn something is needed, it will present itself to you. You can ask them to respect your boundaries and not read you unless you have asked them to. Too much influence of psychic suggestion can interfere with your own path, so for this reason it is good to follow your own intuition and seek a psychic when you need validation on a direction.

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