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I have had this ability since I was a child and depending on the environment and the belief system, I can be viewed as evil or enchanting. I have to say the majority of people that I encountered when I was younger would steer clear of me, fearful of what I would pick up on. As a child, I would just say what I was “seeing” with family members and because it was truthful and involved a personal secret, they would try to avoid me at all costs or not speak with me if we had to be in the same room.

As an adult, I have more control and I only read people when I am given their permission. If the person is ready to receive the information, they will ask. But yes I have found it quite challenging to have friendships or associations with people that do not have an understanding of what psychic abilities entails.

For a psychic or a medium, the closer you become to someone the more you can see them inside and out, and read them. You can see and feel the layers of them even when they are not physically present. This can be an invasive relationship and sometimes is overwhelming for people that are only accustomed to what I call “surface” relationships. A surface relationship is something that stays on the surface meaning you associate when in public settings, you perform activities together, but you keep emotional boundaries from being exposed.

The reaction I receive from people that just meet me though now can range from: “Can you read what I am thinking right now?” “I hear you are a witch”. “Do you see my future, can you prove it?”

Psychics are a part of a generalized stereotype. Being psychic has nothing to do with religious preference, so it is not associated with only Wiccans (or witches), in fact there are Buddhists, Catholics, Christians, etc. that are professional psychics. And we do not start reading everyone as soon as we meet them, we have to protect our abilities and energy and only read someone when asked to, or are alerted to for our own knowledge and sometimes warning. We would be emotionally drained to pick up and take on everyone’s energy in social settings, like parties, grocery stores, or work.

Announcing that you are a psychic can be a parting of waters. People will either accept you or not. It’s not our job to prove ourselves to people that don’t believe in psychic abilities. It’s not our job to convert people either.

As a medium, I have had messages from people’s loved ones that do not seek my help, but the spirit is adamant about reaching them. The spirit will tell me who they are associated with (it might be someone on my Facebook list, it might be someone I went to elementary school with) and they will keep coming to me until I relay the message.

Ironically this occurs with some people that do not have any beliefs in life after death and they are very up front about this. I will ask to relay the message, tell them a little bit about what I do, and give them validation about the person that passed, and how they appeared. Then what usually comes through is a message from the loved one about the person’s active life and direction. Spirits are very active in knowing events and directions and when they want to interfere or help change their loved one’s course of action, they will intervene.

None of this information will make sense to me, but it does to the person I deliver the message to.

Will people think you are crazy? Some will, yes. Will people avoid you or be skeptical? Almost always, but it is the nature of this ability. The important thing to hold onto is that you have this ability for a reason and it is something that will not go away, it will only get stronger. It’s up to you to use your gifts to help others that can’t see or hear the way that you can.

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