I remember back when I had my very first reading with a Psychic. I was around 19 years old. I had a dream about seeing a Psychic, I saw her perfectly. She had long light brown hair and was a heavier woman, with shorter bangs around her face and light eyes. She was sitting at a rectangle card table. The next day I found out that there was oddly enough a Psychic Fair coming to my small hometown. A friend of mine was going and asked me to come with him and I was so hesitant.

I’ve been Psychic all my life but I never would call myself the term yet. I was a huge skeptic. The years of trying to hide my own gifts, I had literally adapted my family’s skepticism. Regardless as a favor to my friend I went to the fair anyways. I walked through the conference room door and at the very back of the room I saw her. I saw the woman in my dream at a rectangle table. I left my friend and went immediately to her. I said nothing I didn’t want to give her any clues at all about me or my situation.

When I first sat down she said, “You are very Psychic yourself.” I laughed and just listened to her. She had a message that I needed to hear and my guides shown me her in my dream for a reason. At the end of the session I told her about her being in my dream. I never saw her again but I did receive a message that day that I needed.

Choosing a Psychic can bring up a lot of fear and anxiety. There are a lot of scams out of there. There are unfortunately people that do not ethically adhere to the natural laws of the Universe. However there are amazing readers out there that adhere to their moral responsibilities as Psychics that work towards helping empower you to be your Higher Self and to keep you on your path.

Here are 5 Tips to Help You Choose a Reader:

1. Use your own intuition to help you pick a reader. Do you feel comfortable just looking at them? If you are seeing a Psychic for the first time online, look at their picture for a few minutes and see what comes to you. Are they using their real picture?  You can even search online for them to see what images come up and compare pictures.  If the pictures are consistent then they likely are showing their real face.  Trust your gut.  Do you feel open or closed when looking at them?

2. Is a Psychic using their real name?  This can be very important.  Granted I have met professionals in my field that work as a counselor and other professions and prefer to do their work anonymously.   If you are going to a hotline Psychic site, some companies require their readers to pick a name that allows them to be unique to the site.  They are exceptions to this rule of advice.   However if you are looking at a Psychic’s personal site, look for Psychics that are using their real names.   Either first name or first and last that are openly performing their professions under their real name.  It’s easy to hide bad feedback and reviews if you are changing your profile names.  Think of choosing your Psychic like choosing a doctor.  You want to look for not only credibility but visibility.  Search your Psychic out on the internet and read other information outside their own personal site to get a good idea of what to expect.

3.  Do you like their style of reading?  Some Psychics do only phone, some do only in person readings, some might only do chats, and some might do all of these.  What form of communication are you comfortable with?  I definitely encourage you to try all forms and see what feels best to you.  I personally like giving chat readings for my clients.  I can’t see them or hear them and I have only their energy to read from plus it allows me to directly communicate with automatic writing from their guides, angels, or loved ones.

4.  Read over reviews and testimonials and when you can get a referral from a friend.  It helps to get an idea of a reader’s accuracy and style by reading over the perceptions of others.

5.  Read over the fine print on websites or web applications.  I have read applications that say they are a Psychic Medium when in actuality it is a company owned persona and not a real person doing the readings.  Even if you are desperate for answers, take time to do a little research on the person you are going to have read over your life.  You are important and the many choices that influence your life are as well.  So it’s crucial to take a few minutes to read over satisfaction guarantee policies and any terms of use.

Your Psychic becomes a very close friend and if you find the right Psychic you will be able to use them over and over again in the future to help you during times you need them the most.