Be careful with these visions, sometimes there are true intentions behind the vision and sometimes it is just merely to create chaos. When we begin to open ourselves, a lot of information can come in. The way to discern good from bad is to see if this is just a distraction from you opening up your true self or if it is actually an improvement.

Negative energy doesn’t want us to open up and become our true selves because then we benefit the whole. So placing emotional distractions on our path is a way to prevent this from occurring and even isolating us.

So with this occurrence, I would advise to not make any rash decisions. Remember this, negative energy wants “separation” and positive energy wants “unity.” As a disclaimer for anyone reading this, use common sense on this as well, if you are in any sort of physically abusive situation and need to make an immediate change to protect yourself than by all means, protect yourself and any children involved.

You can also look at this as an opportunity to make changes within the relationship that would allow for improvement for you both. What improvements are the visions showing you and how can you emulate this with your relationship?

Visions are not always a pre-determination of the future. They are there to often teach us something or show us something in a way that we comprehend. So look deeper into what you are being shown. If you do feel this is something of a negative distraction you can remove this energy or attachment either by yourself or through a medium or healer.

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