We have to understand that if there is one thing for certain in this world it is that energy is never lost it only changes form. And so with the people we once loved and cherished in this physical realm of existence, their energy is not lost, they have only changed form.

They too will still exist just we may not see them the way we once had. Their attachments to the physical world no longer exist or are needed and they merely retain their life on a different frequency than ours. Imagine you are listening to the radio and you listen to the same channel all the time until one day you decided to change that channel. Well the old radio frequency still exists you just decided to change channels. The same with the dead, they still exist and we can still speak to them just not the way we were accustomed to before.

They may come to us in dreams or thoughts and that is their confirmation to us that they still exist.  So do not excuse these moments as they are true and are very real. These moments are when the dead fight hard to let us know their new lives have begun but we are not forgotten.

We may grieve of the physical loss and acceptance of their passing like a long lost friend moving to another state, but know that when you miss them you can reach out and they will hear you and they will listen.  If you need help reaching your loved ones that have passed and want more information than what you have received on your own then consider consulting with a Psychic Medium to help facilitate the communication.  You can ask questions, get their thoughts about life transitions, and have them acknowledge events they were present at after their passing.