This depends on the type of psychic that you are going to. If you are going to a tarot reader, they will read your cards about a particular issue or question you have. If you go to a medium you may receive both psychic messages and messages from loved ones. It all depends on the psychic that you go to and what you are looking for in a reading.

Some psychics work with cards, some with crystals, and some just can read you clairvoyantly and tell you what they see around your aura. It’s good to research your reader before beginning a reading to see how they retrieve information.

For me I started out as a card reader when I was 13, but that was because I hid my abilities behind the “cards.” The most powerful information is what comes to me clairvoyantly. I can see the pictures of what is coming or what was in the past as if I was watching quick clips of movies. However, when I was younger, it was easier for people to accept the information I was receiving if I had cards in front of them. Not everyone wants to accept information from you and reading people can be a very vulnerable experience.

As a reader it took years for me to really come out of my closet and work with people that actually want a reading and want that spiritual growth. When I was younger I would work with people that I was around, like family members or friends, none of which necessarily believe in these abilities.

My natural style now is to read people’s energy over the phone or chat. This way I am assured I am not physically seeing their body language and I am only relying on the energy I see clairvoyantly.

As a reader, I see in a person what they may not see in themselves. For someone that is spiritually evolved, I will see and help validate what that person sees but may be afraid to take action on. The more I read for someone, the easier it is to retrieve information for them. I may get symbols, keywords, or see a whole scene of events. If a client is asking about a medical issue, I may physically feel sensations or be alerted to certain parts of the body that are isolated or darkened. This might alert me on a prior health issue with a client or a current issue.

I encourage everyone to read up on a reader, read over reviews, and read over their style of reading. Then pay attention to just their overall energy, how do they “feel” to you just by looking at them? Do you feel comfortable? Do you feel drawn to this person? Invest in a reading with them to get an initial feel for their style and then once you found a reader that resonates with you and feels “right” prepare a list of questions you want to ask them and have a reading.

Keep in mind depending on the psychic or medium, information should come in quickly when it comes. I don’t feel it is necessary to invest in an hour with a reader just to see if they resonate with you. I would start out with a 10–15 minute session or if you are trying someone out on a hotline, try them for at least 5 minutes to get a feel for how they work. Do they connect quickly to your issue? Are they giving you information right away or asking questions? Try to know what you are looking for personally in a reading before you seek it. This will help a reader focus in quickly and do what they do best.

Readers are here to help you see situations around you in a clearer perspective and provide you with hindsight of what is available to you in the future.

Question originally asked on Quora.