The best thing about being psychic is you get to help people see things that are not in their physical or spiritual awareness. You can literally be helping them solve a problem they couldn’t see all their life and the light bulb goes off and they are able to move on. That is amazing. I help keep families together and I help connect people with their loved ones to realize that love never truly dies. Our loved ones are always around us and keeping up with our life events, they are just not physically present, they just changed form.

As a healer I have helped a lot of stroke patients recover from damage, remove energy blocks, or just help someone recognize how the health is connected to the spiritual. I might sense a medical issue when I am working with a client and help them work with medical professionals to heal or take care of health issues. As a psychic I can feel everything with my clients, their health, family health, indifferences. For myself, my primary goal is to help you feel empowered over your life and realize how much control you have over some of the outcomes.

What is the worst thing about being psychic? I can feel everything in my clients and temporarily take on their grief, health issues, anxiety, and stress. I can feel people’s energy in every day life which is why working in an office is out of the question. Being in negative energy spaces or around negative people is very challenging and often makes me sick to the point that I cannot physically be by them. I can control my sensitivity and turn down my receptors so I can do normal things like grocery shopping and carrying out other social activities, but it’s not something that I can be embedded in. For decades of my life, I could not figure out why in so many situations I would become physically ill or pick up certain symptoms from being in certain locations. I knew I had abilities but I had no idea that this was all part of it and related.

This all being said it takes a lot of my own personal energy to do readings for my clients. Using my abilities is a very big responsibility because I have to cleanse myself after readings and after attending social events. I have to keep myself clear and healthy in order to be a clear channel. When you are working with spirit guides, other spirits, and client’s energy you are given the gift to feel everything. Empathy is what helps me identify issues without someone physically pointing it out to me. I strictly only do distance readings on chat or over the phone so I am only able to read someone’s energy. I feel it lends to the authenticity of a reading, so I rely on senses not visual cues.

Originally posted on Quora.