"Our intuition is like an internal compass constantly guiding us towards our higher purpose."
--Rev. Dr. Meilena Hauslendale, Ph.D.

I began writing this book right before my 32nd birthday when I recently was put into contact with my biological father. The only way I knew how to brief him on my life up to this point was to write a book. I felt that I could document and somehow convey the journey given to me, the life led, and the life that is constantly at a state of becoming.

This is a story about a journey of intuitive guidance and dedication. It is through such shifts in our lives that we are directed towards our higher purpose. However, there are many steps we will need to take to go forward. Along our journey, we will encounter many obstacles that we will need to overcome to embrace our truth.

From the time I was young, I always documented my life by writing in journals. With travels and moving frequently, it became more and more difficult to always port a box full of notebooks. So I found different ways to capture my life and moments through art, publishing articles, and books.

There was always so much I wanted to say to this man known as my father. There were so many moments both good and interesting that I wanted to share with him, but at the same time, I was meant to journey alone. My being alone allowed me to develop an inner faith that could have never been taught to me by conventional means.

Intuitions are from an internally powered source. We often experience premonitions or visions that allow us to clarify our actions and decisions. I have expressed these intuitions throughout the book by placing them in shaded boxes. The occurrences are critical to my own personal development and are therefore displayed.

We each have a journey that we are to follow. We have a path set before us that can branch off into several directions. We can take the hard-earned lessons and neglect their teachings or we can choose to listen and learn, and use our experience to benefit the overall good of our society.

It is our decisions in this life that determine the outcome of not just ourselves, but those around us. We can choose to reciprocate negative behaviors and therefore contribute to negative outcomes. Or we can take a negative behavior or environment and use it to drive us to excel towards our highest being. We have the power to make this difference. We have the power to live on our intuition.

It is now December 2015, 8 years later since I first wrote this book, and I am now ready to update the occurrences and make additions to the story that have evolved. I was always so apprehensive about sharing this book with others. It was through the strength and comments of my readers and those that this book has helped that I will continue. Thank you for reading.