Being a parent is a role that requires a large majority of our attention and time. Whether you have one child or fourteen children, you are more than likely aware that personal time is at a minimal. As a mother your attention is always on demand. There are meals to be made, clothes to be washed, and rooms to be cleaned. Not to mention other responsibilities like entertaining hungry little minds.

So where does your time fit into this equation? Regardless of time restraints, it is imperative for a mother’s well-being to have a little down time. Even a half hour to an hour a day can be a refreshing overhaul for a mother’s daily routine. A moment to gather your thoughts without distractions can refresh your spirit and attitude, making you that much more prepared to meet the demands of your children, your family, and your life.

Nurturing our children begins with us nurturing ourselves. When we view our personal time in this way, we are able to see what a priority we really should be. Take time to dedicate to personal reflection like journaling, music, or art or whatever activity that makes you really feel apart of yourself. If you only get small increments of time daily then make a weekly list of what you would like to accomplish. Manage your time, don’t allow time to manage you.

Everyone needs personal time to listen to their own voice and reflect on their lives. But for mothers that time isn’t always readily available. And often your personal time is overlooked by those around you. The only person that can make your time a priority is you. So make sure you set boundaries wherever necessary. While your children are napping, utilize that time for yourself. Let the dishes wait and grab a book or do some exercise instead. Remember that the time you invest in yourself is time well spent.