There are many times and points in our lives when we will experience an indifference with the ones we love. It would only be natural to want to turn the other cheek and move on, after all that might seem like the easiest solution at the time. The challenge however for true companions is to cut through the confusion and remember your initial intentions with one another, to love. Too much time is wasted in the perils of arguments and disagreements. If you can remind one another of the love you share, you can work through the thickness of confusion.

What happens is eventually someone has to let go in the tug of war. When you let go of the rope of disagreement, there is nothing left for the other to hold on to. If they do hold on, they are merely left standing arguing with themselves. In this case, the argument may forever continue in their mind and the relationship will possibly conclude. If they let go of their hold, the two can reunite on a common footing.

Sometimes words are not solutions. Sometimes talking cannot even bring on a solution. Sometimes we just need to shut up and grab hold of the one we love and kiss them, hold them, and let them feel us physically. Remind them of who you are. Remind them of who you are together.

This does not mean that you can avoid conflict altogether, this just simply means you can place it where it belongs, in perspective. Love can have a tight leash on our hearts and a loose leash on our tongues. Be careful of your words as they are imprints on the one you love. Be mindful of your tact and manner even in the state of hardship. You may find that the solution was merely waiting for your silence.