A lot of people think that there is one and only one person out there in this physical world that they can call as their soulmate. However, that is not always true. In fact, we may prohibit our own growth by leaving such a constraint on ourselves.

Let us first define the meaning or definition of a soulmate. A soulmate is a half of the whole. A soulmate represents completeness and balance. One will commonly be overwhelmed or taken back by the emotions they encounter when they meet or are reunited. They will feel as if though they know one another. They feel as though they are ‘home.’

Some soulmates, once reunited, will last for the eternity of this physical world and some will not. Some partners are there for a certain time frame alone. In this instance, the two soulmates are reconnected to accomplish a common goal. Once the goal is completed, the contract that bound them will be completed as well.

When this occurs, it is sometimes difficult to accept that the relationship is coming to a close. One may cling on to the initial feelings they had in the beginning, hoping to somehow retain them or ignite them. What happens is that the partners have out grown their purpose together. Once the lessons are learned they are able to move on and to let go if they so choose to do so, taking with them a greater concept of themselves and the world around them.

If they choose to hold on, they can prevent themselves from growth and their partner as well. It is important to evaluate the relationship as it is, not as it was. This will allow you to search inside yourself and be honest with your own truth and emotions.

Looking at the truth can present a variety of challenges as there can be many factors involved. Sometimes soulmates unite under marriage. They may have shared assets and responsibilities. One of their accomplishments together might even be children. Some soulmates were intended to combine energy in the form of an offspring. Once this process is completed, the relationship changes form because the accomplishment has been fulfilled.

Another example would be soulmates that come together to expand one another’s concepts of life and love. They help each other with unresolved obstacles in their lives. Sometimes once the issue is overcome, then one of the partners is either removed or relocated on the physical level. Meaning the partner may cease to exist or choose to leave the relationship.

Once this occurs, the emotions are left to drain and renew. Transitions in life are bound to stir up your thoughts and feelings. Just allow yourself to go through the grieving process and know that the result is strength. You will always gain more than what you have left behind.

When the turmoil has concluded, new opportunities will be revealed and even a new soulmate may evolve. This soulmate may be even more powerful to you than the first. If you are still involved in a relationship and happen to be greeted with a new soulmate, then consider this to be your sign and catalyst of achieving a higher level in your life by uniting with your equal. Recognize that their presence in your life is not by accident, it is by choice.