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For those of you that don’t believe in psychic ability, I have two words that will change your mind forever: Meilena Hauslendale. From the minute we began chatting, it was as if she saw directly into my heart and soul. I recently had a spiritual awakening and because the symptoms often mimic mental illness, I was really concerned. Her guidance and encouragement has given me confirmation of my own abilities and has motivated to finally be the person I’ve known I was all along, but could never articulate. She has a tremendous gift which she uses for GOOD.

I grew up Christian and I believe that these abilities are a gift from God. Anyone comes at you with Leviticus 19:31? “Don’t talk to mediums or spiritists.” Direct them to Leviticus 12:6, where the Bible also says we are to sacrifice two doves and two young pigeons after childbirth. (I certainly didn’t do that after my daughter.) Also direct them to Matthew 17 where Jesus spoke to Moses and Elijah: two dead guys. That’s right folks, Jesus was a medium. It’s 2020 people. Wake up and recognize that psychic mediums & healers are the new wellness coaches and they are talking directly to God’s people, unclouded by their own human egos & bullsh*t like some therapists I’ve been too. You won’t be disappointed.


I crossed paths with Meilena couple months ago and I realized after talking to so many people who claim to have psychic abilities that Meilena is truly gifted. She only asked my name and started talking about my life like she has been a witness to that. Not only that but everything she said would happen it did happen 100%. I was so mind blown that I cried as everything was unfolding so I kept in touch with her. She has been my only go to person since then because everything she says has happened as she said it would. She is professional and caring and understanding. Meilena is a gift and has a real gift. She is rare and unique and I am so thankful to share this review because people need to know about her and her gifts.


Meilena is an AMAZING individual and psychic! To be honest amazing does not even touch on the type of person Meilena is! Everytime I speak with her speak with her she gives me nothing but truth. EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING that she saw in-store for me has come to pass. I’m looking forward to exploring and experiencing this things that are to come for me and my family. Meilena I thank you and God bless you and your gifts!!


Meilena has a special gift to care and connect with you and spirit guidance ~ She meets you and see the truth of any given situation. Her insight, advice, and clarity are by far the best I’ve had I have experienced healers and psychic folks for over 25 years and have a keen sense of folks . She is awesome when in need of sounding board for clarity and to see anything else to look for , always has alot to offer . Meilena is by far the best. ~ spot on ~ She has the ability to send healing energy when needed and it is so very clear and supportive, which helped to stabilize me to be able to relax and hold a new outlook and calmness. She is a a great healer, psychic therapist and brings safety and calm to any situation . I Trust her insights completely.


Meilena is the most profound and genuine experience I have had. I have been able to break free of a lot of darkness because of her, and that is priceless. Such a blessing she is.


Some times you just need a wee bit of validation that you’re on the right track. Other times you need a bright light shined on your journey. Meilena has the accuracy and precision to provide validation; and she has the high voltage connection to the other side to provide illumination and guidance for the dark patches. If you are lucky enough to get a reading with her, you will treasure it, as I do.


My experience with Meilena has def been amazing. I have spoken to her a number of times and she has impressed me each and every time with her accuracy. Meilena can pick up the smallest details which are outstanding! I trust her wholeheartedly! She is a very genuine honest psychic. You will not be left disappointed! Thank you for everything I am definitely a client for life!


I’ve had several readings with Meilena and each time I’m left wanting more. I generally think of Meilena whenever there’s something I need clarity on, and she’s always able to deliver just the message I need. Extremely intuitive and personable, I plan to continue to leverage her amazing abilities for years to come! Thank you Meilena!


Meliena did some incredibly powerful long-distance energy work and healing that was very effective for my fiance who was very sick. He was in and out of the hospital for all of last year with two serious conditions. Things did not turn around until she started her energy work. He has been doing very well since her work. She’s very helpful positive and her long-distance scans are so accurate


Meilena is a wonderfully amazing reader. She is very accurate and honest. I’ve known her for a while and she always surprises me.


Meilena’s intuitive sense of the question I had and the layers of obstacles she brought up provided me with much-needed clarity. The way she broke up the reading provided feedback from several angles addressing both long and short term issues. I appreciate the finely tuned reminders of the resources that are available to help me on the way. I already knew I was on my way to something, but having Meilena come along and point out the paths I can take and the places to get support was an enormous help in a very confusing time!


Thank you for the reading. It was very informative. I didn’t think I would get so much information from a chat session but there was much information that I received and with detail. Everything resonated with me to be true.


She really is Amazing. I have been speaking with her for almost a year and everything she has ever seen has happened and unfolded. It wasn’t always the best news, but the truth is what we are all seeking.


Hmmm. No tools. Just first names and the info just flowed. Resonated with everything the Guides imparted. The connection was so so comfortable. Will definitely return.


She is Amazing Worth every penny. When you want to communicate with someone who’s passed. Meilena is the one to call, very much the Real Deal. Thank you so much for the other day Meilena. It was beautiful to talk with Mom. My new friend, You’re the Best.


Hmmm. No tools. Just first names and the info just flowed. Resonated with everything the Guides imparted. The connection was so so comfortable. Will definitely return.


Great insight, no sugar coating. Will tell you what you need to hear.


Reverend Meilena has been a tremendous blessing in my life. The Karmic band healing sessions and the Chakra balancing have helped in amazing ways that I could never have imagined. This is my 4th reading with her and I am forever grateful for her wisdom, her support and her light. I am so honestly thankful that I know her and that I am able to reach out to her when I am in doubt.


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