Living On Intuition

This is a story about a journey of intuitive guidance and dedication. It is through such shifts in our lives, we are directed towards our higher purpose.

Recognizing Unhealthy Relationships

Learn about the roles we play in relationships and how we contribute to unhealthy behaviors

The Spiritual Revolution

Learn how to get more in tune with your own personal path to spirituality.

Stop Complaining

A powerful book that holds many incredible insights, this book isn’t just for the complainer but for anyone who wants to live their life fully.

Elephant in the Room

A simple way to look at the way we are impacted by someone’s addictions or behavior. Practical but informative, it is to the point. A must read for anyone seeking recovery.

Natural Parenting

An insider’s view on natural parenting from everything to prenatal care to birth, realize how much control you have in the process of shaping your children.