What is The Process Like?

When you  schedule your reading, we set up a time that works for you and then we meet on chat .  Bring a list of questions that you want to know.  Once you start asking questions, the information comes to me very quickly.  When we are done you are given a transcript of your reading for reference.

1. Book your meeting time with me.

Purchase minutes and then send a chat through the chat bubble at the bottom right of my site to setup a time that works for you.

2. Chat through the chat bubble on your bottom-right.

When you send a chat, let me know the type of reading that you want, your availability and timezone.  Don't forget to leave your email address too, so I can follow up with you.

3. Get ready to get clarity on your life!

I will send over a confirmation of your reading day and time and then meet you on chat during your scheduled appointment.

Coaching Packages

15 Minute Coaching Package

Use minutes as you need them.  This is the perfect package to get if you are just having a reading for the first time or need a quick check in. ($6.99/minute)


30 Minute Coaching Package

Use minutes as you need them.  This is ideal for clients that want to check in on a situation and then come back and do a follow up. ($5.99/minute)


60 Minute Coaching Package

Use your minutes all at once or as you need them.  If you have an intense issue or if you want to go into something in depth.  Or if you just want to purchase minutes for the week or month.  ($4.99/minute)


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