When the quiet moments come upon us, we take that time to reflect on what we lost along the way. Lost loves, friendships, and maybe even relatives may come to mind. Along with those thoughts may we also may be reminded of the reasons why their presence may have been removed. Sometimes we experienced physical passing of the being in thought and other times we experience simple distance. Either way, our loss along the way was for good reason. We may not comprehend the meaning at that period in our lives, but with time, we will gain a spiritual explanation.

It is at our time of powerlessness that the universe does for us what we do not have the strength to do for ourselves. Perhaps where we were unable to make a choice, one was made for us. If we pay attention, we will eventually see that the removal was for our benefit not harm. For example, let’s say there was a close loved one that had broken your trust repeatedly and you kept forgiving them after years of being deceptive towards you. You will eventually reach a point where you have had enough and have to remove yourself from their behavior. Sometimes the only solution is removal. Sure you may love and care for the person, but when their love and respect is not reciprocated, your care becomes an inefficient source of energy. Unfortunately, not everyone is willing to look at themselves in a truthful light, so therefore we have to listen to our own truth, and take whatever action is necesasary.

If the people we surround ourselves with are not adding to our best interest then they are taking away from it. If we remove the labels and the titles from the people we invest time and energy into then we will see perhaps their true intentions without blinders. We won’t make excuses for unacceptable behavior. We won’t look at them as mothers, fathers, boyfriends or girlfriends. We won’t view them as husbands or wives. We will view them as trustworthy or not trustworthy. We will view them as faithful or unfaithful. We will view them as they are, and that is by their truth.

Instead of viewing the removal of their presence as loss you can view this as a gain. Not only will you gain energy, but you will also gain self respect. Need you know that loss is only the removal of something that no longer benefits you. You can even consider these occasions as graduations, as you are gradually going forward towards a more peaceful and caring life. May you know in your heart that it is the universe’s way of telling you that your time and efforts are needed elsewhere.