Once you have become aligned with your inner self and have identified your purpose on this world, you will be appointed to various spiritual alliances.

Spiritual alliances are gifts in the form of people. They are people placed in our lives that are aligned with our true mission. They are there to further our goals and we are there to further theirs’.

The bond between the two is not one sided as the partnership is based on equality. Each side participates equally with the other and that is why they are a match. Alliances can be easily misplaced and hard to identify at times, but they are however very real to the touch and deserve our undivided attention.

It is entirely normal and quite natural to feel a strong sense of care and love for these particular relationships as you are being reunited with the mirror of yourself. This person is there to guide you to your higher purpose and potential, and you are there for them to do the same.

This partnership is a spiritual duty that has been brought to you for a reason. Do not confuse these relationships with love relationships as they are based on a different plain. However they can evolve and function on both levels, but that is not always their purpose. These relationships are manifested through our own willingness to advance spiritually. We actually call these partners to us without even realizing it. We have subconsciously requested them to be a part of our lives.

No matter what conditions you are living currently, your counterpart will know precisely the right moment to enter your life as it is part of their instinct. They will provide you with a sense of peace in your heart and in your mind. They will be understanding to who you are and be honest with you at all times. Your truth is their truth.

You are united for good reason. You will jointly accomplish a task that will benefit the world as a whole. You will combine your knowledge, your intuition, and meaning in life towards the greater good. You need one another for balance. Surely you might accomplish the same task at hand on your own. Perhaps you are even more familiar with this act of independence and self contained production. However, your partner will bring out another side of you and therefore you will be able to accomplish more, both in task and personal growth.

Don’t fear the greatness that these partnerships provide. They may feel overwhelming, but that is only because they originate from truth and suffer no pretense. Take time to allow these relationships to develop. Be patient with your emotions and discoveries during this time and then once you both are ready, set out to accomplish a common goal. You will more than likely realize that even more accomplishments will follow.